How Brezhnev’s daughter became one of the first Soviet millionaires: became the godmother of the diamond mafia, but ended her life in disgrace

Wealth has doubled, if not tripled

Material wealth in the Soviet Union was distributed according to a strict, well-structured system. Therefore, there were quite serious restrictions on the possibilities of undeserved enrichment. Of course, they were also applied to ordinary Soviet citizens who lived only on salaries and held various levels of nomenclature positions. However, in order to prevent the desire to get rich and become millionaires at the expense of the public, and therefore the state, they were constantly monitored first by the NKVD, then by the KGB and, of course, by the OBHSS (Department for Combating the Embezzlement of Socialist Property), writes

But, as they say, there is a rule, and there are exceptions, which were especially abundant during the Soviet Union. No matter how strange it sounds, women preferred to become millionaires. Among them were the wives of high-ranking officials, high-ranking trade workers, and a number of persons belonging to the creative intelligentsia. Such women considered themselves “ladies of high society”.

“First of all, it was creative people, talents: artists, painters, writers, composers,” said architectural historian, author of scientific and literary works Sergejus Zagrajevskis in an interview with NTV. – Then they received high salaries. Stalin’s bonuses alone were worth it. Several well-known female artists who used to hold performances in the Kremlin also got into this paradise.”

According to him, one of them is

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