How did Germany atone for its sins after the world wars?

A historian, a member of the Seimas, a conservative discusses all this in the program hosted by Aušra Jurgauskaitė Valdas Rakutis and Dr. Dr. Darius Juodis.

As D. Juodis states, when considering why it happened that Germany ended up on the wrong side of history during the world wars, it is important to understand that there are more than one reason. Discussing German militarism and aggression, Mr. the historian finds connections with the Middle Ages and even earlier times. True, German militarism, according to him, emerged most in the 19th century. in the second half, and before the First World War, a block was formed, a tripartite union, which included Germany and which changed somewhat over time. At that time, the opposite side of the union was also formed, the states representing Western democracy (Great Britain and France) and the Russian Empire, so the clash between these two blocs turned into the First World War.

“During the Second World War, Germany was again on the side of the aggressors, but here the processes were more complicated than in the First World War. Germany’s allies changed and, unfortunately, it is now very often forgotten that Germany’s ally in 1939 was the USSR, which now portrays itself very much as the winner or victim of the Great Patriotic War, but not as the aggressor.

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