how S. Shoigu and his entourage stole 80 percent. funds for military expenditure

High-ranking officials with offshore assets and undeclared fabulous income are the subject of a new investigation by Alexei Navalny’s team. It is addressed to Alexei Krivoruchka, Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia.

An article published by the FreeDom project states that financial specialist Bill Browder believes that officers like A. Krivoruchko are the main cause of corruption in the military in Russia.

“Corruption in Russia is so widespread that almost nothing works. Anything related to the state does not work. They cannot conduct military operations. 80 percent money that was supposed to go to war was stolen, and that’s a good thing,” Browder said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Prominent independent Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov agrees that corruption has affected the combat effectiveness of Russian soldiers. Thanks to officers like S. Shoigu and A. Krivoruchko, Russian tanks remain without dynamic protection and become relatively easy targets.

“The corruption of V. Putin’s regime and its officials is manifested in the fact that for a long time, more than 20 years, the main idea was to steal as much as possible using their status as an official and thus ensure the future of their children with this stolen money,” N. Polozov said.

Russian Anti-Corruption Fund, which in 2011 founded by A. Navalny, representative Ruslan Shaveldinov said that the Ministry of Defense of Russia is one of the most corrupt institutions – that’s why S. Shoigu himself became fabulously rich and “golden” his family. All the people around him in this office are also corrupt.

According to R. Shavedinov, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was one of the most corrupt and unpopular among the people. More and more money was allocated to her from the budget every year. At the same time, more and more was stolen. He emphasized that no one was involved in either reforming the army or preparing any new training for its soldiers.

“They [Rusijos gynybos ministerijos pareigūnai] were not prepared for this war, they simply got rich and embezzled budget funds,” said a fund employee.

Journalists asked R. Shavedinov if V. Putin is not asking S. Shoigu where the money allocated to the army disappeared during all these years.

“He doesn’t ask that question. S. Shoigu knows that there are no such questions, some small contractors of the Russian Ministry of Defense are periodically covered by S. Shoigu in the press. The executor goes to prison, and then the huge stolen sums are “revealed”, explains the employee of the anti-corruption fund.

In addition, Putin has no questions about the money allocated to the military, because the officials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are ready to carry out any order of the president for all that stolen money.

Earlier, A.Navalno’s foundation reported that it was established that the daughters of Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchka have American citizenship. At the same time, this high-ranking official has luxury real estate worth half a billion rubles.

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