“I, like the Queen of England – when I want, then I celebrate”

60 guests came to Birštonas Kurhaus knowing the theme of the anniversary “Phantom of the Opera” and hearing the hostess’s request – everyone will sing!

The Opera Music Lover’s Festival started with the performance of Kaunas State Musical Theater soloists Kristina Siurblytė and Žan Voronov.

The guests were as if frozen – the Kurhaus hall was engulfed in smoke, scenes from the film “Phantom of the Opera” were shown on the LED screens.

The duet ended the performance with the aria “Libiamo” from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “La Traviata” – as the lines “Let’s raise a glass of fun” sounded, the soloists smashed champagne glasses with each guest.

The host of the evening had expressed a wish for the guests – after choosing their favorite piece, the woman’s relatives, friends, and colleagues had to sing it.

The first song for the anniversary was dedicated by the spouse Rimas Antanas Ručys, who performed Virgilijus Butkevičius’ piece “Tu mano žimna” for his beloved woman.

“Everyone was shocked because no one believed that my husband could sing. While the guests were singing on the stage, others stood up from their chairs and swayed,” said the Kaunian woman who created a dream party for herself and her guests.

The dinner started with a cold appetizer – served fresh Italian burrata cheese or raw fish marinated in citrus juice (seviche).

Calamari is offered as a hot snack.

The first course is halibut or lamb loin, optional.

Dessert was served to each guest with a candle.

The host of the evening, Audrius Bružas, asked the audience to come up with a wish for the anniversary and blow out the candles together.

The anniversary and the guests were entertained by the singer Radžis, the concert of the band “Rondo” was presented by the elder daughter Dovilė.

Rytis Cicinas, the beloved singer and friend of the birthday girl, took the stage.

After midnight, the guests enjoyed a fire show and a performance by soloist Vaida Genytė, and a concert by singer Katažina Zvonkuviene.

The celebration continued until dawn.

“I asked everyone – you just celebrate the biggest holiday of your life yourself. And I started the celebration by saying: “I, as the Queen of England – when I want, then I celebrate. I don’t think I will make such a celebration for myself again. It was an opportunity to invite friends and those whom I have seen for a long time, but they are dear to me,” said the woman born on May 7.

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