“I looked at this bastard’s face and I couldn’t believe it”

“Shame on a stranger. For someone else’s act, someone else’s betrayal. Especially when you don’t expect it and even in your worst nightmare you couldn’t imagine this. When you give infinite trust to a friend, colleague, comrade, and he takes advantage of that, lies to you, hides everything behind his back, steals and betrays you,” Aras said in the show.

The musician admitted for the first time that Alan stole the copyright of the songs of “Night Persons” from him.

This happened after the publishing company that owned the copyright of “Night Persons” went bankrupt. Then there was an opportunity to recover and manage the copyrights themselves.

Aras proposed his lawyer in 2014, but Alan said he had a better one. From 2014 to 2016, he always heard the same answer from Alan: the lawyers are working on it.

It was only after some time that he found out by chance that all the rights had been taken over by Alan and his wife.

“The person degraded so much that I will never forget our meeting in 2018. Looking into my eyes and smiling, he told me: now all the songs are mine. And what will you do to me? I looked at this bastard’s face and I couldn’t believe where had gone my friend, my comrade, for whom I had sacrificed so much, saved him from a wheelchair, financial bankruptcy? This is how he thanks me for everything?”, Aras said, recalling the terrible accident they both experienced in the show. Years ago, Alan drove Aro’s car and lost control. Alan couldn’t feel his neck after the accident and was grateful that Ara had given first aid.

On the show, A. Veber was indignant about how Alan could sing his songs when he showed him such disrespect.

All songs, albums according to the current distribution 25%. is Aro, 25 percent. Alan’s, and 50 percent – Alan’s wives. Other copyrights are Alan’s wife.

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