“I played in this outfit on the school basketball team”

After arriving at the “Žalgiris” arena, the new native of Zalgiris visited the team’s locker room and met with representatives of the coaching staff and other natives of Zalgiris – both working individually and training with the Lithuanian national team.

After sitting down for the first interview with a green shirt, the 191 cm tall American, who celebrates his 26th birthday today, enjoyed his first moments in Lithuania.

“I feel very good, the city looks very cozy, which I saw when walking the streets and seeing the people. Locals immediately greeted and admitted that they are big basketball fans. Everything looks cool. I ate delicious pasta yesterday, I don’t remember which place, I will definitely have to go back there. Basically, I enjoy being here”, said K. Evans.

Having highly rated the arena and its entire infrastructure, the basketball player remembered that the last time he played in the school’s basketball team with a green shirt.

“Green suits me really well. You know, I played in the school basketball team with a green shirt. I played in this outfit for four years. I’m going back to my roots. I hope green will be the color of victory,” Keenan smiled.

After the last season with Maccabi Tel Aviv, in which the defender made his Euroleague debut, K. Evans spent the summer relaxing with his family and doing individual work. Speaking about the upcoming challenge with Zalgiris, the American explained that everyone in the team will want to prove their worth.

“You have to do your job well, everyone wants to play an important role. Everyone wants to prove that they are better than they were last season. I want to show you what I’ve been working on lately. I want to show that bulldog mentality. Hunger, toughness, I want to help the team. I want to help the team win another trophy in the local league,” said the basketball player.

Evaluating his opportunities in the new season, K. Evans did not want to name personal goals and turned to the team and claimed that he would like to reach the Euroleague playoffs with “Žalgiris”.

“I can’t say that I have set any specific individual goals, because then I would limit myself a lot. I want to be better every day. It doesn’t matter if I beat my personal best in some matches. I still want to continue improving after such duels. So I don’t have any specific goals, but I would like to get to the TOP-8 stage in the Euroleague with the team. That’s the goal, to get to the playoffs. Then it’s time to see what you can achieve next, and in Lithuania you need to win the championship title”, explained K. Evans.

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