implemented almost 300 crazy ideas

Headphones with an external speaker that create perfect silence for the wearer, but make those around you listen to the music.

Scissors that can be used to shorten spaghetti on a fork before putting it in the mouth.

Benedetto, 31, from New York state, displays such strange items on his account “Unnecessary Inventions” in social networks, where millions of people follow the flow of his creative thought.

Mr. Benedetto has already come up with and implemented almost 300 ideas that help solve non-existent problems.

One actor theater

“I have always been a creative person who feels pleasure in embodying my projects,” said M. Benedetto. – I have been accumulating ideas for “Useless inventions” for a long time: some of them remained in my head, and others I managed to turn into unique copies.”

in 2019 Ms. Benedetto has created her own accounts on YouTube and Instagram. The American puts up videos promoting things and mechanisms that at first glance simplify life, but in fact it is easy to do without them.

Mr. Benedetto also uploads videos in which he shows in detail the process of creating some of his inventions.

His audience is people who are close to the concept of useless inventions. Followers call the blogger’s creations masterpieces and admit that they would like to receive them as gifts.

Sometimes fans get lost in interesting ideas.

“About 65-70 percent I came up with the inventions myself, and the remaining third came about thanks to other people,” said M. Benedetto.

As its following grew, “Useless Inventions” attracted the attention of major brands. The American boasted that in 2021 he managed to work with such well-known companies as Canon, Old Spice, Dunkin’ Donuts, Budweiser and even with the developers of the popular online game Call of Duty.

In addition, before the new season of the National Football League (NFL), Mr. Benedetto received an offer to film a humorous advertisement.

In this video, the blogger showcases several devices that he believes are must-haves for all American football fans.

Benedetto showed off a belt-mounted beer glass holder, a robotic vacuum cleaner with a tray to hold drinks on, and a selfie stick with a flashing light to grab the attention of waiters if the bar is crowded.

Other Benedetto creations include a bag for storing beer cans and snacks, jeans with a special pocket where you can put your smartphone and secretly watch NFL games on the go.

“This ad is fun and unusual,” “You come up with cool stuff,” “I’d like to buy those jeans,” “That’s genius!” I had a good laugh,” the audience praised him.

Fans occasionally lose the idea of ​​a new invention, and then Mr. Benedetto works alone.

He creates product design and works with a state-of-the-art 3D printer that can produce a solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model.

In addition, the American is responsible for everything related to the filming of the video, from script writing to editing.

“It’s a one-man show,” said the blogger.

Turns an idea into a product

Although Mr. Benedetto has been thinking about creating funny things for a long time, he was able to do it only in February 2019, when he bought a 3D printer.

The first invention was AirSticks, wireless AirPods connected to sushi chopsticks. Soon he posted a photo of his creation on social networks.

“I present to you some messages for useless inventions.

I turn my idea that solves a non-existent problem into a tangible product.

Why? Because I wanted it. Trust AirSticks, which are AirPods combined with sushi sticks. They will come in handy when you want sushi but don’t have room for chopsticks,” wrote M. Benedetto.

The blogger got the idea for AirSticks in 2016, when Apple released the first generation of wireless headphones. According to the American, the exterior of AirPods even after three years seemed unusual and funny to him, so he decided to make a joke.

Users of the website “Reddit” were fascinated by Mr. Benedetto’s idea. The AirSticks photo was at the top of the homepage the very next day after it was posted.

The American’s message collected 54 thousand. likes and received more than a thousand reviews. In the comments, he was urged to show more useless inventions.

The blogger borrowed the idea for the next project from one of the comments under his first post. On the advice of a stranger, Mr. Benedetto came up with a special hook for outerwear, which is attached to the neck.

“I created a hook that will always be with you wherever you go.

Also, it’s very uncomfortable,” the blogger quipped alongside the photo, which instantly went viral.

People’s support inspired Mr. Benedetto and he began to devote more and more time to new inventions.

Within a month, the man came up with a pillow for a phone that “deserves a convenient overnight charge”, a paint roller with the words “Do Not Paint” to mark walls that should not be painted during renovations, and a special shape for a mustache worn by a famous American wrestler and actor Hulk Hogan, create.

Soon, Mr. Benedetto realized that just taking photos of inventions was not enough, and started publishing videos with short stories about them.

One of the first stories was about a 30 meter long iPhone charging cable.

“Whether you’re walking around the house, visiting your neighbors, or just going about your business, take just a few minutes a day to untangle a tangled cord and be able to charge your phone anywhere,” quipped the inventor.

“I really need this cable for home and work”; “I’ll finally be able to roll over in bed while my phone charges”; “This cable will be a great solution to the situation when your girlfriend’s phone is only 5 percent charged and she is dressing up before going to a party,” shared the thoughts of the viewers of this video.

Shoes turned into gloves

One of his favorite inventions, Mr. Benedetto called the gloves, inspired by the popular Crocs brand of clogs.

In the video, the American showed the entire development process: searching for a 3D modeler, choosing the right material for the gloves and several unsuccessful attempts to make them.

“This pair of gloves has taken the best of Crocs,” said the blogger while showing off his creation.

The footage soon caught the attention of Crocs representatives. The company’s lawyers immediately sent a letter to Mr. Benedetto demanding that he stop using the brand name and logo in his online publications.

The blogger, who did not expect such a negative reaction, responded to Crocs’ claims by emphasizing that the invention was just a parody and that he really likes their shoes.

However, it turned out that this scandal was beneficial to Mr. Benedetto: the number of subscribers to his channel began to grow.

After some time, the creator invited the audience to come up with a name for his gloves, which should not be associated with the Crocs brand.

He promised to send a copy of this accessory to the author of the most original idea. The gloves were eventually named Gator Grips.

“The Crocs incident brought a lot of attention to my YouTube channel, so I had to make several videos on the subject right away. That moment was a turning point for me as a content creator,” recalled M. Benedetto.

Inexhaustible fantasy

The blogger claims that his brain is constantly generating new ideas – almost anything can become inspiration.

A vivid example of this American’s inexhaustible imagination is a collection of his most popular works published on YouTube.

The American himself jokingly called it a list of “terrible inventions that he should not have created.”

It includes a device that automatically scrolls messages on a smartphone screen, a blanket with a hole in the middle that provides ventilation in hot weather, and a bath curtain that doubles as a towel.

One of the most popular was a video about the device for all pizza lovers.

“This device has a large button and three sharp blades that help you quickly cut a slice of pizza with ingredients you’ll never eat.

“Just place the device on the spot you don’t like and press the button to give your pizza a unique, unrepeatable taste,” the inventor announced.

In another video, Benedetto showed a spaghetti cutter, a small box with two scissor blades that move automatically.

“Pick up the spaghetti and lift it to the moving blades to cut off the excess pasta,” the blogger explained of how the device works.

Another popular absurd invention is headphones with external speakers. According to M. Benedetto, the device allows a person to walk down the street in complete silence, while everyone around them listens to the music coming from the speakers against their will.

M. Benedetto’s followers recognized a mug with an alarm clock that can start ringing at any time as an equally annoying piece.

It takes a few sips to turn it off.

“Sometimes I look at such inventions and think: they are so unnecessary. But wait – that’s the point of the whole job! And come to think of it, it’s even pretty cool. I would like one of these things, they can really come in handy,” wrote one of Benedetto’s followers on Instagram.

The printer is like a miracle

M. Benedetto started earning from generating ideas early. At the age of 13, he founded his first company, which specialized in knitting and selling winter hats.

Two years later, the business grew: the teenager started selling ski clothes and accessories.

The American also did this while studying in college, until he had an accident: he fell while skiing and severely injured his leg.

M. Benedetto spent two and a half months in the hospital, and then another two years of rehabilitation.

During this time, the passion for sports faded – the man became interested in the innovations of mobile devices and introduced a brand of accessories for them. A few years later, another business of Mr. Benedetto appeared: the new company was engaged in the production of suitcases, backpacks and toiletries for travelers.

But, according to the blogger, he always wanted to create useless inventions.

Benedetto originally planned for his company to produce such items for April 1st, but ultimately rejected the idea because he found it too improbable.

However, the situation changed fundamentally when an American bought a 3D printer.

As soon as photos and videos of his inventions began to go viral on the Internet, the blogger decided to liquidate all his businesses and focus on promoting the “Useless Inventions” brand on social media.

M. Benedetto also receives considerable income from cooperation with well-known brands. For example, on the occasion of the release of the new part of the game “Call of Duty”, he published a video about the game controller, which allows you not to leave your favorite entertainment for a moment.

As the blogger pointed out, his device has everything a die-hard gamer needs: a snack compartment, cup holder, mirror, deodorant, fan and even a toothbrush. And to promote Bud Light beer, Mr. Benedetto created a phone case with a holder for a beer can.

In addition, the American opened an electronic store, where he distributes official “Useless Inventions” products: T-shirts, socks, hats, bags and other accessories.

Some of his inventions can also be purchased there.

In the future, Mr. Benedetto wants to turn his project into a museum exhibit so that people can see all his works with their own eyes, learn what 3D printing is and what the possibilities of this technology are.

“Every time I sit in front of the 3D printer, I am fascinated to watch it work.

It’s like a miracle,” said M. Benedetto.

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