In a video circulating on social networks, Putin is behaving strangely

The mentioned episode was recorded at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit held last week. A fragment of the video recorded before the Russian leader’s meeting with the Turkish president on September 19. spread rapidly on social networks, some netizens even questioned the authenticity of the video.

“While waiting for RT Erdogan, V. Putin engaged in pantomime – depicted kissing”, – this is how Ukrainian journalist and blogger Roman Shraiks commented on the footage.

Later, R. Šraikas published the same footage with the RIA Kremlin logo in order to prove that the video was not faked or edited.

“Here’s the same video without a bunch of watermarks, from the RIA Novosti channel. Here, if there were those who thought that it was a fake (eng. deepfake – ed.)”, explained the journalist.

September 19 the independent Russian magazine Cholod explained in a tweet that the video captured Putin’s reaction to the kiss and hug that RT Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin greeted another member of the SCO. The publication was unable to find out who exactly V. Putin was expressing surprise about what was happening with his gestures.

“The Turkish media is distributing a video from the concluded SCO summit, where V. Putin met with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. RT Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin hugs and kisses one of the participants of the event. And this is how V. Putin reacts to it,” Cholod wrote under the post.

As can be seen in the footage, V. Putin was very surprised by such a greeting: he began to parody it with gestures and facial expressions. He can also be heard asking in English, “Who’s here?”.

“If (US President Joe) Biden had behaved as V. Putin did in this video, Russian television would have been shouting for two weeks that the president has senile dementia,” the commentators on social networks write.

At that time, Belarusian analyst Alexander Fridman said on his Telegram channel that RT Erdogan just likes to make fun of the head of the Kremlin.

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