In leaked FBI documents, the details of the conflict between Jolie and Pitt that took place on a private plane and ended in divorce

The FBI report completed in 2016 on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt conflict on a private jet was obtained by People magazine.

Going by the pseudonym Jane Doe, 47-year-old A. Jolie requested that FBI documents about the incident on the plane be provided to her under the Freedom of Information Act. She is currently fighting for the custody of her six children with her ex-boyfriend, 58-year-old B. Pitt.

Sensitive documents obtained by People magazine reveal new insights into 2016. September 14 incident, after which A. Jolie filed for divorce just a few days later.

Following an anonymous tip, the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), along with the FBI, opened an investigation into an alleged drunken argument between Pitt and his wife while the family was flying back to their home in Los Angeles on a private plane from France. At the time, a source claimed that Mr. Pitt was “abusive” and “used physical actions” toward one of the children on the plane. B. Pitt has always denied that he was ever violent.

In November of the same year, the FBI closed the investigation without filing any charges against the actor. Earlier that month, DCFS also concluded its investigation, which found no evidence of violence.

According to the FBI report, Jolie claimed that there was “tension” between her and her husband, and that the latter’s actions on the plane that day made her feel “heated up.” Pitt allegedly grabbed and shook her, pushed her against a wall and punched the ceiling of the plane. When Jolie revealed that the man was “going to attack” one of their children for calling their dad an obscene epithet during a row, the woman admitted to using choking hand gestures against Pitt.

According to her, Mr. Pitt was “screaming”, “behaving monstrously and yelling at them” on the plane, which left her and the children “shocked” during the flight. The woman added that at the time she was “frozen, scared and didn’t know what to do.”

In addition, according to the actress, about 25 thousand damages were caused to the aircraft due to the spilled red wine. USD damage. Not to mention, B. Pitt allegedly also “poured beer” on her. According to the report, Jolie suffered injuries to her back and elbow, as well as a gash on her hand from the altercation, while Pitt suffered cuts that the woman said she may have inflicted on her ex-husband.

A source close to Pitt told People magazine that there is “nothing new” in the report, as both the source and Jolie have had the documents for years.

“The investigation has been completed, no charges have been filed. Normally, such things are not made public. Both countries [dokumentus] had From [ataskaitos paviešinimo] there is no benefit. Disclosure will only cause harm to the children and the whole family,” the source claims.

According to him, the Hollywood actor “kept silent on the matter because he knew it was best for his children and everyone else. He maintained this position despite endless attacks and attempts to drag him to court.”

The former couple, who officially divorced in 2019, are parents to Maddox, 21, Pax, 18, Zahara, 17, Shiloh, 16, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 14.

Last year, in an interview with The Guardian, A. Jolie recalled the divorce: “I’m not one of those people who make these decisions lightly. It took a lot to make me feel like I had to divorce the father of my children.” Noting that there was a lot she couldn’t reveal, the celebrity said she felt “broken” by her experiences and wanted the family to find a way , how to move forward, “including the children’s father.”

At the time, a source close to Pitt, who has always denied allegations of physical abuse, told People magazine after reading the actress’ comments that “it’s hard to see who would benefit from continuing down this path.”

When Politico first reported the application of the Freedom of Information Act to the case in April, attorney Amanda Kramer told the publication, “I cannot comment on the identity of the unknown woman who wanted to protect the family’s privacy. Our position is that victims and victims must have access to federal agencies’ records of crimes they have experienced or reported — as is common practice at the state level — in order to seek help, trauma treatment, and legal protection for themselves and their children.”

“Our client [A. Jolie] has been trying to obtain these documents for many years, but has been blocked and has had to go to court to get access to these important records. It was necessary to take legal measures,” noted the lawyer.

B. Pitt and A. Jolie are currently fighting in the courts over the fact that the woman sold the family’s share of the Château Miraval winery in the south of France, which the former spouses bought together in 2008. It was in this winery that they got married in 2014. In addition, the whole family spent vacations there more than once.

Last month, a source revealed to People magazine that the “Bullet Express” star Pitt is currently advocating sobriety and “still has a pretty good relationship” with his children, who “are older now and have their own lives and friends.” According to the source, the famous Hollywood actor is currently living the “best life possible” given the current circumstances.

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