In Poland, the base interest rate has been raised to 6.75 percent.

This is the eleventh consecutive increase in the basic interest rate in Poland, and before that they were raised two months ago – by half a point, Polish Radio reminds.

The President of the National Bank of Poland, Adamas Glapinskis, stated that there is currently no risk of recession in the country.

He emphasized that economic growth is recorded in Poland, although its speed is decreasing.

“The pace of economic development remains satisfactory,” he said, recalling that the economy grew by 5.5 percent in the second quarter of the year.

Annual growth slowed from 8.5 percent. in the first quarter.

According to A. Glapinskis, the situation in the country’s labor market is also not a cause for concern.

Unemployment rate – the lowest in the last three decades, and wages are systematically increasing,” he added.

Polish government has adopted a series of measures aimed at softening the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine on the Polish economy and population in February, and the central bank has vowed to actively fight rising inflation.

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