In Russia, soldiers are already being recruited in incredible places: they are motivated not only by the promised salary

Journalist Andrey Zakharov discovered St. Petersburg Mental Health Center No. 2 published recruitment advertisement.

“The ad was placed on the mental health center’s website, directly below the information for visitors who are required to undergo a psychiatric examination for the issuance of a gun permit.

The announcement says that the Vyborg District Military Commissariat is looking for volunteers who want to join the units named “Kronštata”, “Neva” and “Pavlovsk”, reports the investigative journalism portal “The Insider”.

The recruitment announcement states that a contract with the army can be concluded from 6 months. Future soldiers are motivated by the fact that they will receive a solid salary and social guarantees. The state will also grant them veteran status, pay one-time support, cover half of the utility costs and allow them to enroll in higher education without a competition.

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