In the festive evening – the stylish confidence of the autumn season and the latest collection of E. Rainis

Traditionally, two magazines are presented in September – not only L’Officiel, but also L’Officiel Hommes for men.

This time, the new issue is dedicated to the world of cinema, so the cover is decorated by three actors who played the main roles in the soon-to-be-released Lithuanian comedy “What men don’t know”: Vytautas Rumšas junior, Toma Vaškevičiūtė and Rimantė Valiukaitė.

The witty film tells about misunderstandings between men and women, about an egocentric magazine editor and his worst nightmare, and the action of the film takes place in the magazine’s editorial office.

“Each collective – an editorial office, a theater troupe or a management office – has its own dynamics and operating principles. We were creating an imaginary editorial, which might just be a mock-up of the real one. This film is about adventures, paradoxes that happen to each of us in our work”, said the head of the magazine in the new comedy. Toma Vaškevičiūtė, who played the role of the editor, wore a “Memphita” dress by clothing designer Benita Klimbytė on the festive evening.

Singer Vaidas Baumila became the hero of the men’s magazine cover, who recently had several projects and is already planning new ones in the fall.

“I am preparing for the release of a new album, the final preparations are underway in the recording studio, concerts and a trip to Vietnam await in the fall,” V. Baumila reviewed the intense season.

“In the magazine, the most important thing is always its heroes, whose stories we tell. I am very happy that we are exposed to special people whom readers have the opportunity to know differently than they are used to. This time, we have collected a whole bunch of special people, whose interviews, I believe, will be an inspiration to many,” said Saugirdas Vaitulionis about the new magazine.

The surprise of the event for the guests gathered at the Philharmonic was the latest collection of designer Egidijus Rainis presented here.

“This collection is very colorful, somewhat different from the previous one. I always try to do something radically different than before. But I always keep my style,” the designer mentioned before the show.

After the presentation of the collection, the singer V. Baumila appeared on stage and gave the guests his hits, and after him DJ Samanta entertained the audience.

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