in the French camp – dissatisfaction with the strict prohibition of the federation and suspicions about Th. Heurtel

Although the coach of the national team Vincent Collet does not want to talk about this topic, it is said behind the scenes that not only he, but also most of the national team members do not support the national federation’s ban on representing the national team if you play in the territory of the country that started the war in Ukraine.

On Saturday, the French will take part in the second match of Group B, when they will face Lithuanian basketball players. After the defeat to the hosts, the Germans, the French national team will try to recover in the fight against the Lithuanians. It is true that the students of Kazis Maksvytis will try to do the same, who stumbled in the match against the Slovenians on Thursday.

The coach of the French national team, V. Collet, delayed for a long time before finally choosing the final 12 of the national team. It is true that there could have been even more rockers, but Th. Heurtel’s thoughtful decision allowed this basketball player to come to Germany and help the team in the fight for championship medals.

The offensive player signed a pledge before the championships, in which he confirmed that he does not intend to play in Russian clubs. This was the request of the French Basketball Federation.

“Yes, I signed, otherwise I wouldn’t be in the national team anymore. My agent contacted clubs, if you really want to know, among them were Russian clubs. But not only. There are also discussions with clubs playing in the Euroleague, with representatives of the Spanish league. We will see how everything will turn out,” the basketball player explained to the French press in August.

Portal the interviewed journalists of this country, who work in the European Championship, shake their heads and assure that the player has reached a verbal agreement with the Zenit team.

“This is not your problem. You asked me if I signed the pledge. I did it. That’s it,” said the Frenchman when asked about a possible contract with the St. Petersburg club. according to sources, there is not a single player or staff member in the national team who categorically opposes the federation’s ban on the war in Ukraine.

One of the leaders of the French national team, Evan Fournier, publicly said that he does not support such a decision.

“Honestly, I’m not a fan of that sort of thing. I signed the document for the benefit of the team. There are many conflicts in the world, and if we had to apply this to every conflict, we wouldn’t be playing anywhere,” E. Fournier told BeBasket.

Team strategist V. Collet did not make any comments to the media on this topic and refuses to evaluate the federation’s decision. However, people close to the team assure that the strategist also reacted skeptically to such a move by the government.

At least two French players will play in Russia next season – Louis Labeyrie (Uniks Kazan) and Livio Jean-Charles (CSKA Moscow). The latter have previously represented the national team, but were not invited to it this summer. There is no doubt that the aforementioned Th. Heurtelis, who has not yet officially signed a contract with Zenit due to the European Championship, will go to Russia.

The duel between Lithuania and France in Cologne will start at 18:00 on Saturday. 45 minutes Follow the events of the match on the portal

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