In the national team, 15 female footballers revolted against the coach, but they did not receive the support of the federation

There has never been such a case – 15 players of the national team sent e-mails Spanish Football Federation and informed about his withdrawal.

The reason is that the players of the national team feel that J. Vilda’s training is causing great damage to their emotional state and health. As long as this coach is at the helm of the national team, they are not going to return

The Spanish Football Federation decided not to give in to such pressure and hit back – “they will not allow the players to question the work of the national coach and the coaching staff, and in general such a decision (to change the coach) is not their competence.”

According to local media, Alexia Putellas, the best soccer player on the planet, has not yet announced her resignation.

The letters to the federation were sent by players who are usually included in the main eleven of the national team. The federation claims that such behavior by players is unjustified, harmful and does not correspond to the values ​​of football.

According to the current protocol, female players who rebel can be suspended for 2 to 5 years. And who will play in the national team? No problem – the federation intends to call up players from the youth teams. “It is a matter of honor. The most important thing is that they want it,” says the Spanish Football Federation.

The players who intended to dethrone J. Vildas will be able to return to the national team only if they realize their mistake and apologize.

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