In the quarter-finals of the American Championship, the US national team saved itself at the last second

The American Championship continues in Brazil, where the playoffs have already started.

The team of the United States of America (USA) narrowly avoided an unexpected defeat in the quarterfinals, 85:84 (23:27, 19:15, 22:18, 21:24) after breaking Puerto Rico.

With 6 seconds left to play, Tremont Waters gave the outsiders an advantage (84:83), and the US national team prepared the answer during a minute break. This plan worked – he ended the decisive attack with points Norris Cole.

The representatives of Puerto Rico still prepared a second-long counterattack, but T. Waters did not create a miracle.

N. Cole, who became the hero, scored 20 points, Jeremy Pargo added 15 (5 rebounds), Zylan Cheatham – 11 (5 rebounds, 3/3 doubles), Stephen Zimmerman 10 (6 rebounds). ).

Ethan Thompson (6 rebounds) and T. Waters (12 rebounds, 1/9 three-pointers) each scored 16 points for the Puerto Rico national team, George Conditt scored 15, Ismael Romero scored 12, Javier Mojica scored 11.

In the semifinals, the Americans will face an even more serious test – the Argentines led by Gabriel Deck, Facundo Campazzo and Nicolas Laprovittola. The next pair is Canada and hosts Brazil.

Other quarter-final results:

Brazil 80:68 Dominican Republic

Argentina 76:53 Venezuela

Mexico 77:82 Canada

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