In the war with Ukraine, Russia lacks weapons – it is trying to negotiate with India about missiles

“PJ-10 BrahMos” is a supersonic anti-tank cruise missile with a range of 300-450 km, its warheads weigh 200-450 kg, and the missile itself weighs as much as 3 tons. It can be launched from a ground launch system, a vertical sea launch system or a Su-30 fighter jet. The number of missiles produced is not disclosed.

Russia lacks P-800 missiles. As many as 40 of them were used by the country to attack territories in the south of Ukraine. According to Oleksandr Kovalenko, military-political analyst of the military-political group “Informational resistance”, this amounts to 10 percent. pre-war reserve of 400 units. “Informational resistance” is a Ukrainian non-governmental project whose main task is to counter external threats in the information sphere.

There is another reason – Russia could produce no more than 55 such missiles at maximum capacity. Nevertheless, Oniks missiles are used in the Black Sea Fleet not only by units of the Coastal Defense Forces (11th and 15th Coastal Defense Brigades) and Object-100 (20 portable and stationary launchers), but also by four Navy Buyan-M class corvettes (pr. 21631), each with 8 multi-purpose launchers. The Russian P-800 is said to be facing some technical issues that prevent the missiles from being used actively.

So, it is likely that due to the situation, the Kremlin decided to purchase PJ-10 missiles in India. But it probably won’t work. India uses them for defensive purposes in the confrontation with China. In addition, India has export orders to fulfill.

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