Instagram is testing a cloned version of the popular BeReal app

Instagram, the Meta photo and video sharing app, is testing a new feature that looks almost identical to BeReal, according to its creator Alessandro Paluzzi on twitter screenshot posted. In it, Instagram asks users to join the IG Candid Challenges and “receive a 2-minute reminder to take and share a photo at a different time every day.”

BeReal is based on the same idea. An Instagram spokesperson said the new tool is an “internal prototype” that is “not being tested externally.” BeReal’s representative has yet to comment.

in 2020 founded BeReal, which is headquartered in Paris, has become popular among teenagers by encouraging users to post simultaneously. Taking photos every day at unexpected times leaves less time to beautify the photo, as users have no time to pose, edit or improve – a criticism that Instagram posts often receive.

It’s not the first time Meta has copied features from competitors, including “Snapchat” the product “Stories” and “Tik Tok” short videos. BeReal has raised funding from venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Accel.

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