Iran has tested combat drones, the US is worried about their possible supply to Russia

In Iran, this Wednesday, August 24, exercises began, during which combat and reconnaissance drones. This was reported by Iran’s state media amid concerns in the US that the country would start supplying its drones to Russia, which would use them in the war in Ukraine. 150 drones will be used in the two-day exercise.

The drills will cover Iran’s Persian Gulf coast and most of the country’s territory, state television said. Iran’s air defense and “electronic warfare” capabilities will also be tested against simulated enemy drones. Last year Iran and the regional forces it supports are increasingly using drones in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

In August, the United States said that Russian troops were being trained in Iran under a bilateral agreement on the transfer of drones. The US has accused Tehran of planning to give Moscow hundreds of drones to use in Ukraine. Iran’s foreign minister denied such claims and later had a telephone conversation with Ukraine’s head of diplomacy.

Although Iran cannot import many weapons due to international sanctions and embargoes, the country has managed to develop a large domestic arms industry.

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