Is history repeating itself? The merciless fate of the Ukrainian population is reminiscent of the Estonian tragedy of 1944

Watching Ukrainians trying to protect themselves and escape from bombs and other horrors of war, one can’t help but remember the autumn of 1944 in Estonia. Then almost 80 thousand Estonians who wanted to avoid confrontation with aggressors from the Kremlin were forced to leave their homes and travel to the West. More than 20 thousand they sailed across the Baltic Sea to Sweden with everything that floats. The Swedes who sheltered the victims went through what we are going through now, receiving the war-torn people of Ukraine.

Escape the stormy sea

The German front was languishing, the Soviets were inevitably approaching, so Sweden began to seriously consider the evacuation of its compatriots – specifically, the Swedes living on the coasts. Evacuation began in 1943, exhausting negotiations with the German occupation authorities took place on this issue. No measures were taken! The efforts of Sigurd Kurman, a member of the Estonian Swedish Committee and antiquarian, are worth it: he even bought a batch of exclusive underwear for the wives of German soldiers and officials.

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