Is it worth buying a car from the USA?

Why are US cars profitable?

Price is the main factor that makes American cars attractive to Lithuanian drivers. In fact, cars from America are sold at 20-40 percent. cheaper than cars of the same characteristics, age and condition on the European market. So, when buying a car from abroad, you can save or even earn from resale.

However, you should consider the cost of transportation and the amount of local taxes when purchasing. Transporting a car from the USA to Lithuania does not depend on the value of the car, that is, you will pay the same for a 3000 and 9000 USD car, so it is more profitable to buy expensive cars in the USA.

In addition, when looking for a car at an American auction, you should calculate in advance how much the necessary repairs or modifications will cost according to European requirements. If you calculate everything correctly and find the right option, you can save 10-30 percent. when buying a car with delivery to Lithuania is quite realistic.

Advantages of American cars

The main trump cards of American cars:

● Strong and durable suspension that can withstand any distance and any road for a smooth and comfortable ride;

● A powerful engine – on the one hand, it is less economical, but it can be attached to a trailer for transporting goods or a mobile home for trips;

● a lot of basic equipment;

● spacious interior and large trunk.

Americans prefer comfort, reliability and practicality, which is why you can find many large cars – SUVs and pickup trucks – on American roads. This is very different from Europe, where drivers prefer classic cars – sedans, hatchbacks and station wagons.

Advantages of American cars compared to European cars

Both American and European cars can compete with each other in terms of quality, reliability and safety. If you compare American and European cars, at first glance their equipment is very similar. Safety and environmental standards in the US and Europe are also very similar. Shipping from the US to the EU may require replacement of rear lights, rear fender reflectors and rear fog lights.

However, US cars have some differences that make them more attractive to Europeans:

● Pretentious design. Americans like a car to be good everywhere, so design is important to them. The exterior of American cars is usually impressive.

● Luxury and greater comfort in the cabin. American cars, including those aimed at middle-class buyers, are characterized by a stylish interior, a rich multimedia system and many options to make driving as simple and comfortable as possible.

● A large selection of SUVs, which is not available in the European domestic market.

● A large selection of electric and hybrid models, including the exclusive “Dodge Charger”, “Chevrolet Camaro”, which are very few in Lithuania, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

● Benefit. In some cases, a car buyer from the US can save up to 40 percent. budget compared to the purchase of a similar model in Lithuania.

You can find the best cars from the USA on our website in the auction catalog. Here you can choose the best option according to your budget and preferences, get advice, check the car’s history, order a car delivery from the USA to Lithuania. You save your money and we save your time.

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