Israeli basketball players won against the Netherlands only at the end of the match

The Finnish national team crushed the Poles in the first match of the day of Group D 89:59 (26:16, 18:14, 20:14, 25:15).

Finland started the match well. The national team led by Lauris Markkanen built a double-digit lead already in the first quarter and began to control the match.

After an unsuccessful start, our neighbors were no longer able to recover and no longer resisted the Finns.

Not a single basketball player in the Polish team was able to reach double-digit points.

L. Markkanen, the leader of the Finnish team, spent 23 minutes on the field, during which he scored 17 points, rebounded 5 balls, made 4 assists and collected 19 utility points.

He was well assisted by Sasu Salinas, who scored 18 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists and 22 assists Finland:

Lauri Markkanen 17, Sasu Salinas 18, Elias Valtonen 12.

Poland: Mateusz Ponitka and Michal Sokolowski 8 each, Aaron Cel and Lukasz Kolenda 7 each.

The Serbs crushed the constantly erring Czechs

The Serbian national team defeated the Czech basketball players 81:68 (20:15, 23:10, 17:24, 21:19) and continues to justify the name of one of the favorites of the championship. It was the second victory for the Serbs and the second defeat for the Czechs.

N. Jokičius scored 18 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists in the Serbian team.

He was assisted by Vasilje Micicius, who scored 13 points and had 6 assists. Vanja Marinković scored 11 points.

The Czech national team made as many as 15 mistakes in this match, while the Serbian team made 5.

Czech Republic: V. Hruban – 13, V. Krejči – 13, M. Peterka – 11.

Israel met with unexpected resistance

The Israeli basketball team won its second victory. Guy Goodes’ students defeated the Dutch team 74:67 (18:18, 14:22, 18:11, 24:16).

Before the championship, the Dutch team was considered one of the weakest teams, but they offered a really great fight to the Israeli team.

The outsiders of the group unexpectedly took a 40:32 lead after the first two quarters and made the opponents think about their game.

The Israeli team had to chase the opponents and gained the advantage only with 3 minutes left in the game.

With Israeli basketball players trailing 61:62, Denis Avdija scored 2 points with a foul to lead his team, and in the next attack he hit a long shot.

With a minute left to play, Israel led 70:64 and it seemed that they would easily win, but D.avdija himself made two mistakes and gave the opponents a chance to tie the score.

However, the Netherlands did not take advantage of their chance and suffered their second defeat in the championship.

The teams of Serbia, Poland and Israel won the first match.

The Serbs beat the Netherlands 100:76, ​​the Polish basketball players defeated the Czech national team 99:84, and the Israeli team beat Finland 89:87 after overtime.

Group D matches are played in Prague, Czech Republic.

The first 4 national teams will enter the playoffs.

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