“It even helps me do my job”

Naia herself describes herself as a therian – a term for people who identify with extinct or extant non-human animals – and considers herself a British Columbia wolf “spiritually and psychologically”.

On I’ve Got News For You, Naia revealed that being a wolf doesn’t affect her day-to-day life, relationships or work, and that she doesn’t care what nasty things people say about her online.

Naia, who is also transgender, says she started telling people she had a “wolf spirit” at the age of 10, but it took several years before she came to terms with her identity after discovering the term “Therians”.

She says she is a wolf “on every level except physically,” often howling, sometimes dressing up and donning a tail and ears, spending time volunteering at wolf reserves to bond with the animals.

“So spiritually and psychologically I identify with a wolf, but I know I’m human. I walk on two legs, I have a job, I have a career. My partner is human,” she said.

After confessing her identity, Naia had to endure harsh criticism and ridicule, but she is not worried about it.

“There are many reasons to hate a person. If you’re going to hate me for being outspoken and saying something that offended you or doing something wrong, that’s a good reason not to like me, she said. “But if you’re going to dislike me simply because of an identity or a trait that doesn’t harm you or anyone else, I don’t need you in my life at all.”

Naia said that people also often mistakenly believe that she has mental health issues, but she assured listeners that this is not the case.

“Mental health issues are measured in terms of how it affects your behavior in society. Does it affect your daily living skills? Does it affect your ability to have a career? Does it affect interpersonal relationships?

Being a female doesn’t do anything like that, she said. – If there were people who would go too far, for example, barking at their co-workers when they came to work, then, of course, there would be some problems, but most Terians don’t do that.”

Naia volunteers at a wolf reserve to be closer to her “buddies” and says her connection with the animals is not “supernatural” or “magical” but more like that of a wildlife specialist who cares for and studies them.

She often wears wolf-themed clothing and accessories, and occasionally dons a tail and ears when attending special events like Comic Con.

According to Naia, her unique identity has absolutely no effect on her friendships and relationships, and she only has a few Therian friends.

She says that being a werewolf really helps her in her work as an investigator, where she tracks down people, animals and children who are torturing them.

“When I follow predators … I feel like a wolf hunting prey, and my prey are people who do bad things,” she said.

Adapted from The Daily Mail

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