it is necessary to prepare for, from the Western point of view, the crazy steps of war criminals

Here is the review for August 24.

Political strategic level

On August 24, the day of Ukraine’s independence, the United States gave a record 3 billion dollars. dollar military aid package. The funds will be used to purchase drones, weapons and other military equipment. There is no word on when the weapons will appear on the battlefield. The funds will also be used to train the Ukrainian army, bringing it closer to NATO standards in the long term.

The Russian occupiers carried out an “administrative attack” of DNR chief Denis Pushylin a couple of days ago, which, together with information operations, may be necessary for Moscow to justify strikes against Ukrainian government buildings these days. Moscow is happy with the tears of its neighbors and may send a bloody gift to Kyiv as revenge for the attacks in Crimea.

The rampage of Mordor may be stopped by Turkish ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish dictator insists that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine. “Crimean Tatars are citizens of Ukraine and Crimea should be developed for their benefit,” he said at the summit of the Crimean Platform. RT Erdogan emphasized that the seizure of Crimea is illegal, contrary to the constitution, and the return of Crimea to Ukraine is important for the security of the entire region.

It is not the first time that the Turkish leader has shown the middle finger to Vladimir Putin’s junta. Bearing in mind that the hard-handed leader, besides Xi Jinping, is one of the two authorities whose voice V. Putin listens to, this is another unpleasant blow to the Kremlin’s “judoka” in the liver.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised at the meeting of the Crimean Platform to do everything in his power to regain Crimea, which was annexed by Russia eight years ago.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said the trial, which will see the Mariupol defenders held in metal cages, is “humiliating”. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced the additional supply of weapons to Ukraine for 500 million. euros.

Remembering how Germany did not allow the delivery of military aid to Ukraine through its airspace and how many months it transported several “Cheetahs”, one should hope that O. Scholz will wash away his shame and “additional weapons” will reach Ukraine in three to four weeks.

President Volodymyr Zelensky says that Ukraine has nothing to do with the murder of Darya Dugina, the daughter of Russian propagandist Alexander Dugin. Ukrainian officials ridiculed Russia’s accusations that its special services were involved in the killing of D. Dugina in a car bomb attack. “We don’t work like that,” says Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. O. Danilov noted that Russia is planning a series of attacks inside the country in order to mobilize the country’s population.

Meanwhile, the Russian FSB announced that it had solved the killer of the main ideologue of the “Russian World”. According to the legend, the murder was allegedly planned and organized by the Ukrainian special services and carried out by 43-year-old Ukrainian citizen Natalya Vovk, who visited Russia in June with her 12-year-old daughter.

Russian propagandists claim that the “culprit” of Darya Dugina’s murder is in Estonia. The extradition of the terrorist is demanded, otherwise Moscow will take action against Tallinn. Russian Foreign Minister of Terror Sergei Lavrov said there will be “no mercy” for the killers of Russkij mir’s godfather’s daughter Darya Dugina, while Russian propagandist and RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan threatened terror attacks in Estonia. “Dasha’s killers are already in Estonia. Estonia, of course, will not extradite them. I think we will have professionals who want to admire the towers around Tallinn,” writes V. Putin’s napkin on the social network Twitter.

We believe that the Russian spec may increase recently. provocations prepared by the services, terrorist acts both in Russia and in foreign countries. Let’s be vigilant.

Operational level

Without changes.

It seems that the Kremlin is looking for a way out of the “no way out” situation. In the informal conversations of the shuls of the Moscow regime, there is an understanding that defeat is inevitable in the long term. It is being discussed which scenario of the near (further, distant) future should be chosen now.

The Kremlin needs a pause to strengthen its muscles, prepare and strike an even bigger blow. A very dangerous stage of “sleeping and leading by the nose” of the West may begin, or on the contrary, an attempt will be made to shock and unbalance the Western decision-makers by all possible means, counting on the fact that by the time the West recovers, the flags will be changed in Kyiv.

Rational reason says that a dormant phase of destroying Western systems from within is more likely and, in a sense, more dangerous than the continuation of further open military and other confrontations, especially given the Kremlin’s dwindling reserves.

However, seeing the dangerous trends in Russia itself and looking at the history of the decisions made by V. Putin, we say that it is necessary to prepare for, from the Western point of view, crazy steps of war criminals.

Tactical level

The Drisks continue to try to advance in the direction of Donetsk, carrying out active actions in the districts of Bakhmut and Avdijivka, but to no avail.

The attack in the direction of Slovyansk failed, the Ukrainian army forced the daredevils to flee.

The night was restless for the residents of the Dnipro district. Three districts were shelled by Grads and Hurricanes. Two people were injured during the night attack by the Russian occupiers.

Nikopol district was shelled four times by heavy artillery and guns, 20 shells fell in the city. Two houses were destroyed, more than 10 houses were damaged.

Russian aviation carried out airstrikes near Nevelsk.

For some reason, the occupiers tried (unsuccessfully) to attack Pisky again, even though they had already announced that they had occupied the settlement twelve times.

Areas around Zaporizhzhya were heavily shelled.

The Russians have intensified aerial reconnaissance with unmanned aerial vehicles.

An ammunition depot blew itself up near the village of Timonov in the Belgorod region of Russia. Local authorities said the detonation was caused by heat. The high heat damages the health and ammo stashes of the zombies. A fact.

Today is the Independence Day of Ukraine. Congratulations to the citizens of Ukraine and all Ukrainians, wherever they are.


Russian partisans, or the People’s Army of the Republic NRA, claimed responsibility for Dugina’s murder and said that a second front against the Kremlin had been opened on Russian territory, where the army fighting the Putin regime is operating. It is threatened to deal with all warmongers, terrorists and rapists who acted in Bucha, other well-known war criminals. Ilya Ponomariov, a former member of the Russian Smoke, released the NRA statement.

We believe that similar statements should be treated with great caution and reserve, even if they sound beautiful, hopeful and evoke good emotions. This may be part of the Kremlin’s backup plan. At least 2.6 million people work in Russia’s power structures. citizens of the country. About 200,000 serve in the FSB alone, and more than 300,000 in the Russian Guard. officials. Think, just calmly and without preconceived clichés. In a totalitarian system, where a comment against V.Putin is sent behind bars, can the existence of such a widely and publicly operating, well-organized paramilitary/terrorist/regime-fighting structure be possible?

What’s more, the statements of real or alleged oppositionists against Putin, who encourage the preservation of imperial Russia, should be viewed with great skepticism. We must realize that right now in Russia, not only the terror of the country’s population is taking place with the aim of mobilizing them, but the struggle of clans and gangs for power according to the newly created scenarios “Russia after Putin” may have begun. We have repeatedly predicted how they will be realized, but we emphasize that these are regime and force structure scenarios. Most of the fighters against the Kremlin regime do not seek to fundamentally change it, but seek to replace V. Putin and take his place. The calls of any “oppositionist” to fight against V. Putin, preserving Russia with all its special features. services, as a military power, speaking of amnesty for criminals dissociated from the regime, is nothing more than an attempt to continue the traditions of imperial Russia and the expansion of “russkij mir” after the rocking.

A real opposition should:

1. demand and do everything for the immediate withdrawal of all RF forces from all occupied territories in Moldova, Sakartvel, Ukraine;

2. recognize all the war crimes of the Soviet Union and Russia and demand the trial of the organizers and executors of the January 13 massacres in Vilnius, as well as in Sakartvel, Chechnya, Ukraine and other countries;

3. to condemn Bolshevism and Communism as criminal ideologies, as well as the creators and nurturers of the Soviet system, the war and other crimes committed by them;

4. declare Russia’s plans for disarmament, limited military contingent and liquidation of nuclear arsenal;

5. prepare for the future a draft law on the de-Sovietization of Russia, prohibiting persons who collaborated with criminal structures from holding positions in the public service for 25 years, as well as providing for the disclosure and trial (and after death) of the executioners of the NKVD, MGB, KGB, FSB/SVR and other criminal/regime structures .

We will not hear this from the Russian opposition, because the vast majority of those pushing for the throne of the Kremlin are in one way or another related to the structures that committed the listed crimes.

There are no exes.

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