It is reported that the daughter of V. Putin’s ideologue A. Dugin was killed in a car explosion in Russia

The Toyota Land Cruiser, driven by 29-year-old Darja Dugina and owned by her father, was blown up around 9:00 p.m. local (and Lithuanian) time, when she was returning home from a festival near the capital. The Moscow Region Branch of the Investigative Committee stated that an explosive device was placed in the car.

As reported by the British public broadcaster BBC, A. Dugin and his daughter were invited as guests of honor to the “Tradition” festival in the Zakharov estate, where the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin once lived. A philosopher promoting the idea of ​​a “Russian world” gave a lecture at the event, which is described as a “family festival for art lovers”.

Darja Dugina left the event in her father’s car, and A. Duginas decided to leave in another car only at the last minute, so it is believed that he could have been the main target of the bombing, the BBC report said.

The Investigative Committee has opened a criminal investigation into the incident, but no suspects have been named so far.

At that time, Denis Pushilin, the leader of the self-proclaimed “people’s republic” of Donetsk, founded by pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine, stated that “the Ukrainian terrorist regime tried to kill Alexander Dugin.”

D. Dugina, a columnist for the nationalist Cargrad television, like her father, actively supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Dasha, like her father, has always been at the forefront of confrontation with the West,” Cargrad said on Sunday.

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