“It was our first holiday together”

According to him, the summer of last year was like sold out, many jobs, many different projects, so this year the actor decided to devote more time to himself.

Josif is happy to announce that the filming of the series, which started a few months ago, continues until now, and will continue for a long time, as the creators have prepared many surprises for the audience.

“I would not like to reveal the storyline, because it is more interesting for the audience to see everything for themselves, which they will be able to do from September. We have been working together and have known each other for over 10 years with the screenwriter of the series, E. Kalėda, I recognize his writing style very well, but he still manages to surprise me. So, while reading the script of this new season, I found several intriguing things that caused a slight shock. I have no doubt that the viewers will not be disappointed either”, said J. Baliukevičius about the upcoming season of LNK’s “Serious Matters” series.

Having spent the warm season for rest, the actor admitted that he had gone on vacation to his family, who live abroad. And when he returned, he received an unexpected call.

“I was barely able to return, when I received a call from my father that, you know, I also decided to take a vacation and fly to Lithuania tomorrow. So this summer I spent a lot of time with my family,” Josif said about the surprise with a smile on his face.

The actor, who spent a week on vacation with his father, did not waste time, they both decided to go to the Lithuanian seaside and not only enjoy the sun there, but also do what they love most.

“We came up with an impromptu idea to go to the seaside. It’s even unusual, because we never went on vacation with my dad just the two of us. We had a very good and interesting time. My father managed to fly over the Dreverna Lagoon with a paraglider, and my father managed to jump over the waves of the Baltic Sea on a jet ski,” J. Baliukevičius, actor of the series “Serious Matters”, shared his impressions.

A new, full of surprises season of the series “Serious Matters” – from September 5, Monday-Thursday, 9 p.m., only on LNK.

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