“It’s easier to win a million than to like him”

They held a luxurious celebration, widely described in the press, at the Užutrakis manor, where the curious were attracted by the fabulous flower decorations created by Mantas Petrushkevičius and the performances of the country’s most famous performers. A woman living in Chicago has been planning her dream party for two years.

“I don’t know, maybe someone has a dream wedding, for me it’s just my wedding, the one I wanted and the one we could afford,” Ieva told the show.

Ieva chose the setting of an authentic manor for the wedding by chance. She had never been there with Andrius. This place was recommended to a famous woman by people actively following her life on social networks.

“I asked my followers on social networks, if you had an unlimited wedding budget, where would you afford to have a celebration?” Many people mentioned Užutrakis in particular,” the influencer shared her choice.

While laying out the future scenario of the celebration together with the wedding planner, down to the smallest details, Ieva decided not to reveal it to the guests. On the way to the celebration, relatives and friends received countless surprises for the newlyweds. The woman admitted that she likes non-traditional holidays and, as she says, crazy ideas.

Although most of the guests expected a country theme with sacks of potatoes, they were very surprised to find themselves at a luxurious celebration with the most famous artists. The wedding of Ieva and Andrias was conducted by Rolandas Mackevičius, and the performances of Jordana Butkutė, Justė Arlauskaitė-Jazzu and Donatas Montvydas became the sensation of the evening.

“One of the greatest gifts for me was seeing my parents so happy. For them, Giordana Butkutė was something so OMG, they ran there to take pictures, collected signatures on the menu. So many emotions that I can’t describe. The celebration was unreal, the guests could not believe that this could be the case, that everything was happening for real,” said Ieva.

The young woman’s image attracted the attention of the participants of the celebration. It was created remotely in Lithuania by stylist Ieva, who lives in Chicago. She fulfilled the dream of a famous woman – on her wedding day, Eve looked like a princess, wearing a puffy, pastel-colored dress weighing almost 30 kilograms. During the evening, Ieva changed her looks – she changed her long puffy skirt to a short one. Although many praised her on the day of the celebration, her husband Andrius was the target of criticism for her image.

“It’s probably easier to win a million than to like him. There were a lot of things he didn’t like about the wedding, but he’s the kind of person he is, he always says what he thinks directly. He didn’t like the color of my dress because he wanted snow white. But I explained to him that balta is now alive, and here he is complete the trend“, said Ieva.

How the couple got to know each other, why the woman didn’t feel happy at the beginning of the relationship and what motivated them to establish a successful business between Lithuania and America – this Tuesday evening, at 20:00, on the show “Bus visko” on LNK.

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