“I’ve never seen that in my whole career”

In the selection for the 2023 World Basketball Championship, the Serbian national team defeated the Greeks 100:94 after an incredibly dramatic match that required overtime.

The latter was led by 27-year-old 211 cm tall G. Antetokoumpo, who scored 40 points.

T.Dorsey, who came to the press conference after the match, wearing the shirt of the Greek national team, spoke about the extremely difficult match and expressed his respect for his teammates, but when he stood up, he suddenly looked at the statistics protocol and suddenly expressed great surprise.

T. Dorsey could not believe that G. Antetokounmpo’s statistics indicated that he hit 10 of 14 free throws, and no one else made them.

“Not a single player on my team made more free throws. That says a lot to me. I don’t know what’s going on, but you should check the match tape. Giannis can’t be the only one shooting penalties. Zero. Nobody threw them anymore,” eurohoops.net quoted the basketball player who scored 16 points.

He was about to leave, but reporters asked what T. Dorsey’s words meant.

“I don’t know what that means. That’s up to the judges. We do not make such decisions there. I’m just looking at the stat log and I’m amazed. How many games are there where one player took all of the team’s penalties? I have not seen such in my entire career,” said T. Dorsey.

Soon after, reporters asked him if he thought this could be the reason for the defeat of the Greek national team.

“No. I’m just saying it’s surprising. If you look at the statistical log of any game…Where would you see it? Find it and tell me – I’ll be really surprised,” said T. Dorsey.

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