J. Morris: about the recommendations of K. Smith and J. Elmore, the game for 1 million. and your abilities

“7bet-Lietkabelis” of Panevėžys this summer invited a player who shone in the German league last season Jamela Morris.

The American told the “kklietkabelis.lt” website that the decision to sign a contract with the Panevėžys was based on the recommendations of Kenneth Smith, who played for “Ryte” Vilnius, and the figure of head coach Nenad Čanak.

Owners of 7bet-Lietkabel’s last season’s subscriptions can already purchase memberships for the new season. Meanwhile, public trading will start on September 5. All information is on the club’s official website.

– Why did you decide to sign a contract with “7bet-Lietkabel”?

– I wanted the opportunity to play in the European Cup. This is a great opportunity for me. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Coach Chanak, I saw quite a few games last season because my friend Smith played in Rite. I saw a great atmosphere and a well-coached team.

– What did K. Smith tell you about the Panevėžys club and Lithuania?

– He said you have great fans. You have played each other in the playoffs many times and he has distinguished himself as a good coach. I think this had a big influence on why I signed a contract with 7bet-Lietkabel.

– Do you think that “7bet-Lietkabelis” is a good place to show yourself to bigger clubs?

– It’s a good opportunity because 7bet-Lietkabelis now has a good reputation and being here and playing well as a team helps you go up. This happened to guys last year. I know that many of Canak’s students have risen to a higher level.

– What did you know about Lithuania before coming here?

– I know it’s cold here (laughs). Also, my friend Elmore played in Šiauliai last season and he said a lot of good things about Lithuania.

– In the summer, you played in a tournament for 1 million US dollars. What was the experience like?

– We made it to the top eight teams. We played against really good guys who play in Euroleague or NBA. Also those I have already met in other European leagues. My family was able to see me compete in the US. It was an opportunity to show myself.

– How difficult is it to become one of the most productive players in the German league?

– It is difficult because it is a very physical league. I had a coach who gave me that role, and my teammates trusted my abilities. I just went and played my basketball. Compliments to all the team that helped me because the league is very good and strong.

– Have you already talked to N. Čanak about your role?

– I will have to do similar things as I did in Germany – play my basketball and put more effort in defense and give all my strength. There was really no pressure on me to score a lot of points when I came here. I have to do everything to help the team as much as possible.

– Describe yourself as a player and as a person.

– As a player, I can hit the basket well, I can dribble the ball successfully, create chances for my teammates. As a person, I am always positive, communicating both with fellow clubs and fans. A very positive guy.

– What game do you think 7bet-Lietkabelis will promote?

– I think we will play really good team basketball. From what I saw of last season’s games, there is a lot of focus on defense. We have to continue like this and compete with all our strength. I hope that we will improve every day and achieve the best results.

– What do you think about the European Cup?

– This is one of the strongest tournaments in Europe. A lot of strong teams. We will have really capable opponents in the group. I am happy that I will have the opportunity to perform against such opponents and I will go to fight with all my strength in every match and defeat them.

– What can you promise the fans?

– Just improve every day, work hard and get as many wins as possible. You can promise anything, but the only thing you can really fulfill is that you will always be professional and improve.

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