Joy of Lithuanians in Italy: Sorokin broke the world record, silver for the national team

After starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Lithuanians moved around the clock without stopping, until Sunday at 11 a.m. finished the elusive running marathon with smiles.

A. Sorokinas ran as much as 319 km in 614 years. The previous world record, achieved a year ago in a competition in Poland, was 309 km in 399.

By the way, when finishing, A. Sorokinas admitted that he had the goal of running 320 km, but a number of details prevented that. One of these is the large number of participants and the interference of other runners.

“There was various nonsense several times. Very difficult competition for me. Unfortunately, it will not be 320 km. We will have to run over,” said A. Sorokinas.

The competition in Verona took place on a 1,526 km long track, so A. Sorokin completed almost 210 laps in total.

The silver medal went to Polish Andrzej Piotrowski. He managed to cover an impressive distance of 300 km (301.859 km). Italian Marco Visintini (288.438 km) enjoyed the bronze award.

Andrius Preibys (253.043 km) who ran steadily around the clock took 22nd place, while Ruslanas Seitkaliyevs (245.259 km) who started slowly but steadily rose to the top was classified in 31st position.

in the 23rd European 24 Hours. 137 men and 99 women started in the running championship.

In the men’s team event, Lithuania collected a total of 817.916 km and won silver medals. The Polish national team won (825.526 km), and the bronze went to Spain (800.017 km). A total of 20 men’s teams have been classified.

A. Sorokin is available 24 hours a day. world champion in running.

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