K. Maksvytis: about Slovenian lessons, conversations with players and French weapons against Lithuania

The Lithuanian men’s national team will aim for its first victory in the European Championship and this time the French national team will be on their way.

Trainer Kazys Maksvytis said before the meeting that the Lithuanians tried to learn from the mistakes they made in the match against the Slovenians. Also, the strategist commented not only on the upcoming match, but also on his contact with the French media, who spoke to him in French.

“I tried to remember my knowledge of French, it has deteriorated somewhat because I don’t speak much. But anyway, I have quite a connection with France, we participated in children’s tournaments there, I met friends with whom I still keep in touch. I’m already getting messages about who will win tomorrow,” he said.

– What conclusions did you come to after the match with the Slovenians?

– We burned out, we made a lot of mistakes, we didn’t move the ball much. We had 14 turnovers and 16 mistakes. Many times we provoked it ourselves, more than our opponents. 25 points for this alone. In the second half, rebounds were the problem, when the fate of the match was still being decided. We defended against one of the best pick-and-roll players in the world, against the awkward tall Tobey, who not only goes under the basket, but also popina There were also good sections, it’s a pity that other things, the tension, did not allow us to win.

– Were you surprised by the defeat of the French against the Germans and what will be the idea when playing against this team?

– France had a bad game and Germany left a good impression. They are a physical, well-organized team that plays for their fans, and they held firm for 40 minutes. The French version wasn’t the best, but they will be different. They are physical, they are diverse, they have different players, it will not be good for us. Two teams will meet who want to recover.

– How did the Germans manage to curb Fournier with Okobo?

– I don’t know if the Germans succeeded or if they themselves got out of rhythm, it seemed that they themselves were not in good shape.

– The French have lost to Bosnians, Germans, are there similarities in those defeats?

– Somehow, I had to watch both matches. The French are getting into form, they are not playing their best basketball yet, we will try to prevent them from getting into form. I think they will be much better than last game.

– Is the French front line better for the Lithuanians?

– Somewhat, less pickenpop situations, we will have to deal with the balls a bit, because we had problems in preparation, and their national team is athletic. It is somewhat simpler that they are standard pick and roll situations should be easier.

– Didn’t the game with three defenders surprise you?

– They played both like that and with two difficult sides. When a team loses, they usually make changes, the coach made them.

– They also played with two centers.

– It worked at the same time, Poirier and Real often play in the “fourth position”. One of the options before us may be this one.

– Have you already talked to Roku Jokubaitis, who burned out at the start?

– I haven’t had time to talk to everyone yet, but half of us had a meeting, we did a video analysis, even though we didn’t plan it. During training, we focused a lot on what didn’t go well yesterday. I’ll talk to Rock too.


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