K. Maksvytis: anxiety did not take over me – I was waiting for this summer, when you can work with the best

Kazys Maksvytis, the head coach of the Lithuanian national team, says that his team is already ready for the start of the European Championship.

While preparing for the match against Slovenia, the strategist gained experience from last year’s loss to the Slovenians in the Olympics selection, and from the victory of the German national team a few days ago in the World Cup qualification.

– Are you ready for the first match?

– I think we prepared well. It seems that you want to give some more advice, but on the other hand, you don’t want to push too much into the players’ heads. We are healthy, we are ready. We have also made changes based on last year’s matches.

– The German-Slovenian duel became a good educational material?

– The Slovenians had one bad period in that match. I think that match will work better for Slovenia, who will mobilize and not want a second match like this in a row.

– Do you feel anxious before the start of the championships?

– There is, but I wouldn’t say that he has possessed me. A similar situation existed in the youth national teams. I was looking forward to the summer when I could work with the best players and not just in “window” matches. It’s really not that I don’t sleep at night.

– What game do the Slovenians play?

– Free and attack-based gameplay. Doncic and Goran Dragic make others better. More of an attacking team that hides its problems in defense. Wins because of good offense and good chemistry. They have their advantages and will try to impose them, and we will try to exploit our advantages.

– How much emphasis do you put on the fact that you don’t need to let them accelerate?

– The emphasis is not only to defend, but also to attack their leaders so that they are tired and active in defense. We set 40 minutes for the fight. The highlight was both the start and the whole match. We have to stick to the game plan.

– What impression did the arena leave?

– Good impression, still a little chaos prevails. A lot of personnel, but we are trying to get used to the balls and it was already easier today.

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