K. Maksvytis: as a person I try to find excuses, but as a coach I feel somewhat unsuccessful

The Lithuanian men’s basketball team is no longer the host of its destiny at the European Championship. Our team needs not only to win both matches, but also to hope that Bosnia and Herzegovina does not beat France.

Lithuanian head coach Kazys Maksvytis said that the Slovenians’ loss to the Bosnians spoiled the mood a little after yesterday. Nevertheless, the specialist hopes that France will play solidly and surpass its rivals.

– What thoughts did you have after yesterday?

– The opinion has not changed – I have no complaints against the players. The Bosnian victory spoiled the mood somewhat. We have complicated the situation, but while there is hope, we are doing everything that depends on us and preparing for the remaining duels.

– How unexpected was the Bosnian victory over the Slovenians?

– Unexpectedly, we counted all options – now we have to hope for a French victory. France is a strong and solid team, so you have to hope that they will play well.

– Why was the entire bench so quiet after that episode when no free throw was awarded?

– There are too many such episodes during the match. According to the regulation, he could have given another penalty, because according to the rules, he can impose a penalty after the segment. They could still give a penalty, but I didn’t ask aggressively, because the bench already had a technical foul.

– Do you talk to other national teams about FIBA’s problems?

– Our federation wants to send a letter and request changes regarding the refereeing procedure.

– Have you seen something similar with refereeing in youth championships?

– At the Youth World Championship in Latvia, there were cases because the judges were from different continents. There are inconsistencies in the beginning, but later they get sorted out.

– Why does FIBA ​​appoint a referee for such a match, but he does not get to referee the 18-year-old girls’ final?

– Good question. We are angry about defeats and try to find hooks. The fact is that if you take the rating of Lithuanian or Latvian judges, the best referees do not judge. The 5th judge of Lithuania is also Polish. The best referees should work because the best basketball players are playing. There is a lack of match management and authority at times, with referees from the Champions League and below.

– How do you feel as a person and as a coach?

– As a person – I try to find excuses. As a coach, I feel a bit unlucky at this stage because the game was 50-50, but it ends with us losing. The team is getting stronger and we are trying to hang on. We feel tense because we have to wait not only for our victory, but also for the defeat of the Bosnians.

– How did the team manage to recover physically?

– The whole staff is doing everything to get the players back. It was not easy because the two matches were in a row. It is to be hoped that they will be ready tomorrow.

– The Hungarians did not train, the championship is basically over for them. What meeting are you looking forward to?

– The Hungarians might play for fun. Adam Hanga has a minor injury and is out. We will have something similar when we played against them in Hungary, only the tall Hopkins will contribute. Maybe they will just relax and play easy.

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