K. Maksvytis spoke in French – about private conversations with players and a rival who can’t find himself

After the bitter defeat to Slovenia (85:92) – a sleepless night. Such experiences were shared by the basketball players of the Lithuanian national team, who held a training session at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne on Friday afternoon.

“We burned out, made a lot of mistakes, didn’t move the ball much, 25 points after turnovers, we didn’t win back the balls in the second half, which were decisive. Throughout the game, the defense against the opposition’s two-on-two game was somewhat poor. Of course, we were defending against one of the best pick and roll in the world of players. Also, Mike Tobey, who can shoot from mid-range, was not handy for us. But there were also good sections, it’s a pity that our own tension did not allow us to win”, 45-year-old K. Maksvytis mentioned the problems at the start of the championship.

Now, the French are on the path of the Lithuanians, who also unsuccessfully started their battles in the championships of the Old Continent. The latter lost to the home team, the Germans, 63:75.

“I think they had a very bad game and the Germans just followed the plan, they played in front of their fans. Well, the French were not at their best. But I think they will be different against us. They are diverse, they have different players, different midfielders. Their defeat will not be beneficial for us, because there will be teams that want to adapt,” said K. Maksvytis.

Before Saturday’s battle with the French, the coach revealed that he spoke and will speak with all the players of the national team. Especially Roku Jokubaičius, who missed his debut at the European Championship.

“I haven’t caught up with everyone yet, but I had a lot of conversations with the basketball players. We also did video analysis, although we didn’t plan to. Some things needed to be emphasized. In training, we focused on what did not go well against the Slovenians. We will also talk to Roku,” the strategist said.

Before the second battle in the championship – K. Maksvytis’ thoughts on the national team’s game and the victory plan against France.

– How did the Germans manage to stop the French constellation?K. Maksvytis was asked.

– I don’t know if the Germans succeeded or if they got out by themselves. Maybe because it was the first game. But it seems that they themselves were not in good sports shape yet.

– The French lost to the Bosnians before the championship, now they lost to the Germans. Were these failures similar?

– Somewhat similar, I had to see both matches. I think they’re getting into shape, they’re not playing their best basketball yet. But we will try to prevent them from doing so. They will be significantly better than they were.

– Do you agree that the French front line is better than the Slovenian one?

– Somewhat easier, tall players play less away from the basket. It will take some handling of the balls and they are quite athletic. But it will be easier, because they play standard situations – the shooter plays at the three-point line, and the tall ones go under the basket.

– Will the match against the French be completely different from the match against the Slovenians?

– Well, we hope, we try to predict. Most of the time, if you don’t have some kind of exchange, then you defend yourself one-on-one. It will be a completely different style of team.

– Looking further, the next match will be against the Germans. Aren’t they intimidated by their athletic form?

– The Germans are playing well, but we are not thinking about them now.

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