K. Maksvytis, who took part in “Zalgiris” training: we will have more talent in defense than in attack

On Sunday, the basketball players of “Žalgiris” Kaunas worked for the first time since the start of pre-season training together with the head coach Kazis Maksvytis, who will dive into the European Championship battles in Germany with the Lithuanian men’s basketball team this Thursday.

The specialist, who worked with Žalgiris for the first time this summer, led the training process and was satisfied with getting to know the team’s future players on the field.

“I had to join training on my day off and work with the team myself. I kept in touch with the coaches. What I saw was pleasing to the eye, I saw great energy, hard training and the enthusiasm of the players. I heard only good feedback from the coaches.

If we train like this, we will walk a lot, we will achieve a lot. It all starts with training. It looks like we will have a good and efficient team. We’ll probably have more talent on defense than offense, but the coaches like that balance. I think we have a great season ahead of us,” he told “Žalgiris TV”. Kazys Maksvytis.

Lukas Lekavičius, Ignas Brazdeikis and Arnas Butkevičius, who made it to the final twelve of the national team, and Rolandas Šmitas and Tyler Cavanaugh, who represented their countries’ national teams, have not yet worked with the “Žalgiris” team. True, Tomas Dimša, who trained with the Lithuanian national team, has already joined the training process.

K. Maksvytis was no less satisfied with the opportunity to be with the team and help implement the foundations of team defense in their game than with the work in training.

“The main goal was to get to know the players myself, an introductory training session, we laid the foundations for team defense. I think it is very important that the head coach can participate when the foundations of the team’s defense are being built,” explained the helmsman of “Žalgiris”.

The Žalgiris team will start the cycle of control duels with the Polish club Lublin this Wednesday in the “Žalgiris” arena behind closed doors. Before the meeting, which will be broadcast live to subscribers of the MVP plan by “Žalgiris Insider”, K. Maksvytis talked about the goals in strength tests before the official start of the season.

“We will play a little more friendly matches than “Žalgiris” used to play before. However, there is a new coach, a new team. It is necessary for the players to play with each other, to improve their relations with each other, to get into the rhythm of the match. Those will be the goals,” the coach assured.

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