K. Maksvytis, who will finally be able to sleep, hopes that the national team will follow the example of the fans in the playoffs

“We went through a difficult path, we knew there would be a group of killers. But we did not think that such a path would be. It will finally be the first night I can sleep. We seem to have done everything well, a little bit of luck was lacking.

The defeats hurt us, but we remained a team, we stayed together, we waited for our chance and today was one of the better matches in the championship. I want to remind you again that the fans are incredible, one of the best in Europe. I hope that the team will emulate them and be like the fans”, said the coach of the national team, 45-year-old K. Maksvytis.

The Lithuanians built up a double-digit advantage even before the big break. Dominating both under the basket and on the perimeter, the Lithuanians had a 14-point lead at 56:42 after two quarters.

Bosnians did not have any medicine under the bag either against Jonas Valančiūnas or against Domantas Sabonis.

“Plan B was that we wanted to put D. Sabonis against Jusuf Nurkic. Made a play when we doubled him under the basket, he didn’t miss his shots. NBA players have less help there and more space, the plan worked. I wanted to do it earlier, but I think it helped us in the end”, said K. Maksvytis.

Although the Bosnians still tried to organize a spurt in the middle of the third quarter, the Lithuanians preserved their advantage and celebrated their second victory in the tournament.

The championship playoffs will continue in Berlin. The Lithuanians will play their match against the Spaniards on Saturday.

– Looking at the protocol, it seems that the second five play weaker. Do you agree that the quality of the game decreases then? – K. Maksvytis was asked.

– It was the same before the Hungarians. But Ignas Brazdeikis gave energy from the bench this time. I can’t underestimate it. Maybe there was a bit of nervousness, but the same Martyn Echodas, it seems that maybe he didn’t make some statistics, but he gave toughness, fought the balls, went out from the front, in defense. It happened that they gave rest to the leaders.

– Did I.Brazdeikis play the best match in the championship?

– It’s hard for him to get used to it. He still wants to rush inside, where D. Sabonis and J. Valančiūnas are already, there is no room. When there is only one of them on the court, then he can dive there more freely. He is adapting, I talked to him, I told him that it will not be easy both here and in the Euroleague season. But with such character and desire, I think everything will be fine.

– During the championship, how many fights of group A did you follow? And who is better – Spaniards or Turks?

– We did not choose opponents, even on Tuesday morning we were dependent on one match. I think we’ve come a long way. I think all four teams in Group B would beat Group A in the next round. I think we are hardening ourselves, we are not choosing opponents, we will go and play with the Spaniards.

– Is it favorable that you have already played with them during the preparation?

– There are both pluses and minuses. We know them, we won, we did it easily. Some relaxation is possible. And they know us, after all, it will be the third match.

– J. Valančiūnas made 5 assists, how do you rate his field vision?

– Both tall players pass quite well. They need to get used to each other. I think that JV and Sabu both fit on the field this time, found a balance: when we play pick and roll, when we attack under the basket. They both performed well, not only in points or rebounds, but also in assists.

– Arnas Butkevičius is appreciated for his defense, but this time he also hit long shots and made an impressive layup. How do you like his performance?

– Well, the putting is impressive, as are the three-pointers. Such moments turn you on. Step by step Arnas started and played a very good match. He is a reliable basketball player, especially when it comes to defense, decisive decisions on the court. At that time, we want to see him on the field.

– Is he the best defensive player of the national team?

– One of those.

– What was the technical foul for?

– Traditional match situation. The referee asked to prepare the bench, I asked him to look at the pitch more, and I will fix the bench. I was punished for my words.

– Is the game of the national team different from the way you projected it before the championship?

– I think we have already seen what we wanted. We got stuck for a while against the aggressive defense. There is still a lack of decision-making, but the image we have projected is not bad.

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