Kadyrov figured out how to “save” the Kremlin from general mobilization

R. Kadyrov reminded that Russia is a federal state, so the regions can propose any initiatives.

“One of such initiatives should be “self-mobilization” at the moment. There is no need to wait for the Kremlin to declare martial law or, on the contrary, to sit and wait for the “SKO” to end [specialioji karinė operacija] in Ukraine. Now the head of each entity in Russia must prove that he is ready to help the state. This help must not be expressed by verbal statements or banal car races, but by concrete actions that would help the soldiers,” stated R. Kadyrov.

The essence of his “idea” is that “each regional manager really has the opportunity to prepare, train and equip at least a thousand volunteers.”

“For an individual entity, this is not such a large amount, I would even say that it is the minimum that entities must implement at the beginning. However, at the state level, this is a large military contingent of 85,000. people – almost an army! And all this, mind you, without declaring mobilization,” he added.

In addition, R. Kadyrov sincerely believes that in Russia “there are enough sincere patriots” ready to join the ranks of volunteers.

After Moscow withdrew its troops from the Kharkiv region in eastern Ukraine last weekend, where the country’s armed forces have been conducting a successful counteroffensive, there have been calls in Russia for partial or general mobilization.

“In my opinion, during the last two months, the special operation in Ukraine and Donbas has turned into a war,” said Gennady Zyuganov, head of the Russian Communist Party. “This war was declared on us by the Americans, Europe and NATO.”

“In every war there must be a response. First of all, a comprehensive mobilization of forces and resources is needed”, asserted G. Žuganov.

He made these comments after Duma deputy Mikhail Sheremet, a member of Russia’s ruling United Russia party, said that Maska would not achieve his goals in Ukraine if he did not announce mobilization.

At that time, the Kremlin said on Tuesday that there are no plans for a general mobilization in Russia yet.

“There is no discussion about it at the moment,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in response to the journalist’s question.

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