Karolina, a nutritionist who has tried various diets: I learned to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind

He started changing his eating habits as a teenager

Karolina says that in her teens, like other girls of her age, she started taking care of her figure. And this was largely influenced by social networks, which shaped young girls’ distorted perception of beauty in pursuit of perfect body shapes. In order to lose weight, Karolina began to eat less, to look for ways to lose weight.

“My friends were smaller than me. In order to lose weight, I first replaced sugar with honey, then I realized that it has a lot of calories, so I gave it up. There were days when I tried not to eat at all because I thought I ate too much yesterday. Then I started to be more interested in sports, and everything naturally got better,” Karolina recalls.

As Karolina herself says, she always liked to have a sweet tooth, so when she started playing sports, she did not intend to give up desserts. She looked for healthier alternatives, started cooking herself and unconsciously fell in love with this activity.

“At first you try to keep the calories as low as possible, then you see that you enjoy doing it, and now it’s a stage where I’m just enjoying everything. The most important thing is the balance. If I had to choose between a psychological state and a beautiful body, I would unequivocally choose a good emotional well-being,” the interviewer has no doubts.

The girl is happy that there are more and more posts on social networks promoting tolerance for all body types, regardless of height, weight or shape. However, there is no doubt that there are still a lot of young girls who are faced with a distorted view of food, so she aims to promote a healthy view of nutrition with her posts on her Instagram account.

I created an Instagram account for recipes because of myself

The girl, who is not used to attention, did not expect the interest of followers, so she initially created an Instagram account for herself. He uploaded the recipes of the healthier desserts he had tried with photos so that he would not forget them and keep them for the future. However, the recipes tested by the nutritionist did not go unnoticed – soon the number of followers of the account called saldu.sveika.sanku began to grow.

“The number of recipes increased, and so did the audience. Then I wanted better quality content myself, I paid more attention to photos. I thought about how to describe the recipes to make them look more interesting,” says Karolina.

Karolina gets inspiration for recipes from social networks, various books and foreign food bloggers. However, ideas and experiments in the kitchen are often born from the products in the refrigerator. The girl says that the same taste should not be expected when making healthier dessert alternatives: “If different ingredients are used, the taste will not be identical. I shared a recipe for Greek Yogurt Ice Cream – although it looks like regular ice cream, it tastes different. But that doesn’t mean it’s not tasty. If I don’t like the taste or the look, I don’t share that recipe.”

Desserts can be enjoyed by everyone

The nutritionist shares recipes on Instagram that are suitable for vegans, those who want to lose weight, those who exercise, those who are intolerant to gluten or lactose, as well as those who want to avoid sugar or flour. Karolina’s goal is to show that desserts can be enjoyed by everyone, so for those who exercise or follow a calorie deficit, they often indicate the calorie count and nutritional value in the recipes.

The dietitian urges you not to forget sports. If we are physically active, we will move more, we won’t have to worry about the piece of cake or portion of ice cream we ate. “When losing weight or exercising, it’s important to remember to enjoy everything you love,” says Karolina.

Constantly experimenting and looking for healthier alternatives

Although nutrition the topic is very broad and many different opinions can be discovered, each person is individual, so what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Nutrition specialist Karolina says she likes to experiment and try everything on herself.

“It happened that I didn’t eat meat for a month, I ate vegan for a week. I’ve tried juice diets, fasting – for general awareness. I like to experiment. I try not to consume sugar, it causes addiction, various diseases. I use natural sweeteners: erythritol, bananas, dates. I try to have less fat – I replace it with avocado, nuts,” the interviewee shares her experience.

According to Karolina, people choose a healthy and balanced diet for various reasons: some seek to improve their physical condition, achieve better results in sports, and get rid of unnecessary pounds. Others change their eating habits for the sake of health and a better emotional state. Karolina says that the most important thing for her right now is to eat healthy for her well-being.

Natural, handmade granola for seasoning dishes

Reading the labels on the store shelves and not being able to find the right granola, Karolina started looking for solutions in the kitchen. After testing various different recipes and adapting granola mixes for people who have different nutritional goals, the nutritionist decided to give others the opportunity to purchase them.

Karolina wanted to create something original – something that is not available in the market, with natural flavors, less sugar. So she made a mix for athletes, with increased protein and sugar-free chocolate, as well as lavender-flavored or cinnamon and clove-scented granola.

For those who lack ideas on how and where to use granola, the dietitian shares 12 ideas in her online store, and her favorite is granola flavoring yogurts. According to Karolina, this way the flavor comes out the best and the granola stays crunchy. Although granola is a product with a long shelf life and easy to transport, the dietitian always makes granola fresh, only after receiving an order. In the future, the dietitian intends to expand the range.

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