Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle drove in different cars during the procession: explained why

The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex drove in separate cars during the procession following Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin today. Her Majesty’s final journey from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall was watched by tens of thousands of people, many of whom could not hold back tears. mirror.co.uk.

The queen’s coffin was escorted on foot from the palace by the king and his brothers and sister – Prince AndrewPrincess Anne and Prince Edward, as well as the Queen’s grandsons, Peter Phillips, prince william and Prince Harry walking in line. Kate Middleton and Queen Consort Camilla rode in one vehicle and Meghan Markle and Sophie, Countess of Wessex in another, and it has a very simple explanation.

The order of female royals in the procession depended on their status, so the Queen Consort and the Princess of Wales rode in the first car.

Camilla is married to the new King, Charles III, and Kate is the wife of the heir to the throne, Prince William, with whom she has three children.

The Duchess of Sussex and the Countess of Wessex, wives of Prince Harry and Prince Edward respectively, followed suit as their husbands hold the next highest status.

The royals looked downcast as they followed Elizabeth II’s hearse out of Buckingham Palace for good.

During the service, senior members of the royal family stood in a line in front of the coffin, which was carried on a hearse draped in purple cloth, surrounded by tall, yellow candles at each corner of the wide, red dais.

The king and queen consort stood about a meter apart. Behind them stood the Princess Royal and Vice-Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, then the Duke of York himself, and in the next row the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

Behind them stood the Prince and Princess of Wales, behind William the Duke of Sussex, and behind Kate the Duchess of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan sweetly held hands as they walked through Westminster Hall after the service. Other royal couples walked in the procession without touching each other.

King Charles III carried the Queen’s gift during the procession today and shed a tear as her coffin was carried into Westminster Hall.

The king wore the parade uniform of a field marshal all day – and held a special gift from his beloved mother in his hands.

His Majesty carried a field marshal’s baton, which was presented to him by the Queen when he became a field marshal in 2012.

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