Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Armenia and Turkey no longer accept Russian payment cards

It is known that Halyk and BIDV banks no longer work with Russian Mir cards, although there is still information on the website that they are still partners. Thus, the banks of Kazakhstan and Vietnam are disconnected from Russian financial tools. BIDV bank’s call center “Izvestija” confirmed to journalists that they have not been serving Mir users recently.

Kazakhstan’s Halyk Bank says that the cards are not serviced at ATMs or terminals. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation just shrugged and said that they have no right to dictate their terms to foreign banks.

A couple of days ago, the section on the Mir website that indicated the geography of card acceptance was closed. Yesterday it became known that the majority of Armenian banks refused to cooperate with the Russian “Mir” – the owners of such cards there can no longer withdraw cash from the cards. The press services of the Armenian banks emphasized that such actions are related to the sanctions against the Mir system.

Turkish banks were the first to refuse Mir payment cards. The United States has stated that sanctions against the Russian Federation cannot be circumvented so easily. Mir first turned down Isbank, which is the largest in Turkey. Another bank, Denizbank, followed suit.

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