King Charles III joins thousands of people in Edinburgh Cathedral to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles III and his siblings stood quietly by the coffin of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, as it was carried into historic Edinburgh Cathedral on Monday (September 12th).

She was also joined by thousands of people who queued for hours to pay their last respects to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Wearing a kilt, Charles, his sister Princess Anne and brothers Princes Andrew and Edward solemnly stood with their heads down for 10 minutes at the oak coffin covered with the Scottish royal flag. A wreath of white flowers and a Scottish crown were also placed on the coffin.

Edinburgh St. They left the Aegidius Cathedral to the applause of the audience. Earlier, the coffin was brought from the Palace of Holyrood, the monarch’s official residence in Scotland, and carried into the cathedral in a procession watched mostly in silence by a large crowd of mourners. Charles III and other members of the royal family walked slowly behind the hearse during the procession.

Mourners, some wiping away tears and others bowing their heads or bowing in reverence, slowly walked past the casket after waiting several hours before being allowed into the cathedral.

On Tuesday, the coffin will be flown to London, where it will be solemnly lit in Westminster Hall from Wednesday until September 19, the state funeral of Elizabeth II.

Around 500 high-ranking foreign guests are expected to attend the UK’s first state funeral in six decades, prompting British officials to launch a “large-scale operation” to prepare for the late monarch’s farewell.

Thousands of police officers from across the country will be redeployed to London to help control the huge crowds expected at the Queen’s funeral.

It is predicted that in the four days before the funeral, when the coffin with the remains of the deceased will stand in the parliament, up to a million people will flock to the streets of the capital.

Visiting world leaders can pay their respects to the honored deceased and immediately sign the book of condolence at Lancaster House.

King Charles III will host a reception for foreign heads of state at Buckingham Palace on the eve of the funeral.

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