Klaudijs Maniokas: we project ourselves as a state that is about to enter the war

“Constant glaring reminders of the dangers to Lithuania are worsening Lithuania’s investment climate, which was not very good until then. <...> And further intimidation, increasing risks, escalation does not contribute to political or psychological stability in Lithuania, nor to our investment attractiveness. We are projecting ourselves as a frontier state that will soon get involved in the war”, says K. Maniokas in an interview with “Delfi”.

In his words, Lithuanian foreign policy is completely isolated from Lithuania’s economic interests.

“In general this The government acts as the Government furthest from business. <…> And not only because of foreign policy, but also because of what we started the conversation with – energy. We are only talking about the population and the compensations expected for them, but not the interests of business and its export potential, which, by the way, also depends on China, because the market of many European partners with whom we work is in China”, the interviewer thinks.

K. Maniokas calls the decisions of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) regarding Taiwan and China “an extremely stupid, thoughtless leap”, and explains the scandal that broke out this summer regarding the Kaliningrad transit as follows: “This is a continuation of the same direction of Taiwan, <...> the desire, as you say “to be in the vanguard”. To be at the vanguard of policy initiatives at any cost. This is the realization that we cannot help Ukraine very much either with weapons or financial resources, and the resulting attempt to help with rhetorical means.

This is an old method of our foreign policy – to base our actions on empty rhetoric. Words are the only capital we use. By continuing this tradition in the context of the Ukrainian war, there was simply another opportunity to manifest and “be in the vanguard”.

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