Kremlin: Nord Stream will not work until sanctions are lifted

Published: 2022-09-05 14:40

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman. Photo by Sergey Guneev (Reuters/Scanpix).

Russia will not supply gas to Germany through the Nord Stream gas pipeline until Western sanctions on Russia are lifted, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday, according to the Financial Times.

Earlier, Russia said that Nord Stream was suspended for technical repairs for a period of three days and announced that the pipeline would resume supplies once the repairs were completed. Over the weekend, Russia announced that the supply would not be resumed after all.

D. Peskov said that the sanctions imposed by the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada are to blame for gas supply disruptions through the Nord Stream pipeline.

“Problems with gas pumping arose due to sanctions imposed by the West on our country and several companies. There are no other reasons that could have caused supply problems,” the spokesperson said.

He emphasized that Russia will not be able to resume supplies until the imposed sanctions are lifted.

Russia still supplies gas to Europe through pipelines passing through Ukraine, as well as the South Stream pipeline.

Representatives of the Russian authorities have recently openly expressed the hope that the consequences of the energy crisis will deter some European countries from supporting Ukraine. “It is clear that life is getting more difficult for people, businesses and companies in Europe. It is known that ordinary people will have more and more questions for their leaders”, D. Peskov said.

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