Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Litovkin died in Moscow

D. Litovkinas has been actively engaged in propaganda activities for the past few years. He worked for the Russian state news agency TASS and praised the actions of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine, according to UNIAN.

As “Nezavisimaja gazeta” reported, D. Litovkinas suddenly fell ill, he was induced into an artificial coma, but his condition could not be stabilized.

Quite often, D. Litovkin appeared on the air of propaganda programs as a “military expert”, he was a correspondent of “Izvestia”, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Nezavisimoye Vojennaje Obozrenije”. In addition, D. Litovkin collaborated with the propaganda TV channels “Zvezda” and “Cargrad”, where he commented on military equipment parades on Red Square.

D. Litovkin was awarded the Russian state award for his propaganda activities and received thanks from Vladimir Putin.

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