Kristina Ivanova, who celebrated her 35th birthday, also mentioned another special occasion: I have never felt so calm

“This year’s birthday is really special for me because I have two opportunities to celebrate. Coincidentally, both me and my beauty studio are reaching very symbolic numbers. As for my birthday, I can say that I have never felt so calm. In so many years, I have already managed to experience many things, to understand what values ​​I want to follow and nurture. I learned many different lessons that help me in life, on stage and in business. Today, all my closest people are by my side, I am very grateful to them for their support, being together and encouraging me not to give up and to always achieve my goals”, – shared K. Ivanova during the moments of the celebration.

Speaking about her beauty studio “Kristina”, K. Ivanova says that anyone can create a business, the most difficult thing is to maintain it and make it successful, according to the press release. A well-known woman who has been in the beauty industry for ten years says that the secret of her success is openness and communication with clients as if everyone were her close friends.

“Since the establishment of the beauty studio, I have set a goal for myself – to have such a relationship with each of my clients that would not be embarrassing. I like to advise people, offer tools or services that are really tested, evaluated and can be trusted. I have never worked to make as much money as possible at any cost, I think that path would only guarantee failure. Maybe this is what helps me not only to survive in this business, but also to improve every day and get more and more recognition”, says Kristina.

“The holiday has a lot of white and light colors, it symbolizes new things. I am one of those people who always likes to plan everything very much, but everything changes, at the moment I really like the phrase “it will be as it will be”. This does not mean that I relax, do nothing and leave everything in the hands of fate. Anyway, I just learned now that sometimes you need to pay more attention to yourself. It is easier to accept life’s challenges and not deny them, because everything that happens to us has a certain reason. You need to worry less about the future and enjoy the moment. Today I am surrounded by many beloved people who care about me and believe in me. For me, it is the best gift, to know that I am doing something right in life, if so many people love me, clients trust me, and I myself can feel as if I am living in the most beautiful moment of my life.”

Although this celebration was dedicated to her closest friends, K. Ivanova does not forget her loyal customers and soon promises really surprising news.

“I get a lot of support from my customers, encouragement to keep expanding, and a lot of sincere, heart-touching words of thanks.” The success of my beauty studio led to the birth of another business – the electronic store and brand “Kristina Beauty”. I am already preparing a lot of news and surprises, which I believe will impress many. I want us all to celebrate this birthday of mine and my beauty studio together, so stay tuned, I appreciate you all very much and I want to surprise you”, smiled the birthday girl.

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