Latvia is considering returning Russians to their homeland: they say it is necessary to make the way home easier for people

“This topic has been very relevant in Latvia for several weeks now. Publicist Oleg Zadorecki believes that Russia does not provide favorable conditions to return to the country, it is Latvia The government should allocate funds to disloyal people living in Latvia, of whom he believes there are quite a lot, he is collecting signatures for this.

A large number of signatures have been collected – that it is necessary to facilitate the way for people to return to Russia”, the chairman of the Latvian Lithuanian community presented the idea.

However, the reception of this idea is mixed.

“It is believed that people who already wanted to leave for Russia have already done so. And the people remaining in the country are loyal to Latvia, love their country, recognize it as their homeland. In fact, those topics have already started since May 9, when 14 thousand people gathered and laid flowers at the monument dedicated to the Soviet victory.

The flowers were then swept away and then brought back. Those thoughts started a long time ago – there are a lot of disloyal people in Latvia”, said R. Žalnierius.

About 37 thousand Russian citizens have permanent residence permits in Latvia. But according to the chairman of the Latvian Lithuanian community, there are few people in the country loyal to the aggressor Russia. He illustrated this with an example.

“A week ago, we saw the victory monument of the Soviet army overthrown. About 14 people were lurking there, and the next day – 15 people. Out of a city of one million and a population of the entire country, this is a minority. (…) But we really do not feel any riots or other actions from the Russians living in Latvia. They are in favor of the Government of Latvia and they themselves condemn the war against Ukraine and Vladimir Putin himself,” said the interviewer on the “Delfi morning” program.

R. Žalnierius said that all Russian propaganda is banned in Latvia.

“Unless some social networking sites or illegal websites have it.” However, only mockery can be heard from the Russian speakers themselves. They say that if they wanted to return to Russia, they would. But from Russia itself, we really didn’t hear any speeches, there are no speeches yet. Although this topic is just beginning, it is becoming more prominent,” said the interviewer.

The chairman of the Latvian Lithuanian community agreed that this idea could also be part of the election campaign.

According to him, tensions arise because of the still standing Soviet monuments in the Latvian city of Daugavpils.

“People are outraged why the authorities are keeping them. The citizens are demanding the resignation of the mayor of Daugavpils and all members of his party precisely because they are not implementing the state and Seimas order to remove these monuments,” R. Žalnierius, chairman of the Latvian Lithuanian community, told the program “Delfi rytas”.

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