learn how to professionally install an energy-efficient home

“People have always been interested in construction, but only in recent years has there been an obvious increase in interest in the latest, modern technologies that help save money, use energy from renewable sources and provide more comfort to everyday life. “To make it easier for visitors to navigate the exhibition, we will concentrate essential innovations in the Smart Home zone,” said the organizers.

Competing installers

This exhibition is also distinguished by the fact that installers’ competitions are organized during it. During them, the participants will have to balance the heating system as soon as possible, connect it heat pump, assemble the structural unit of the roof water drainage, set the water floor heating collector and circulation pump, install the water pipeline, plumbing devices. “This type of competition has been taking place at construction exhibitions abroad for a long time. On the one hand, they are loved by visitors, they entice them to be interested in the installation of engineering systems, on the other hand, they provide an opportunity for people to get to know experienced craftsmen, consult, and hear their opinion about one or another device,” said Darius Jokubauskas, the organizer of the exhibition.

The competition, which took place a few years before the pandemic, is becoming a traditional event. They would not take place without the active involvement of the sponsors and participants of the exhibition.

German this year manufacturer of water engineering systems, the company TECE, which has contributed to the organization of the competition from the very beginning, will set up an exercise stand. The installers will have to connect the latest plumbing pipe system, which is characterized by the fact that it is convenient to work in tight niches and ensures high quality of drinking water, install a toilet with a shower function that does not contain any electronics and install an electronic drain plate for a suspended toilet.

According to TECE technical solutions expert Aurimos Valatkas, such tasks are selected that can be solved by experienced craftsmen who are constantly interested in innovations. “Home engineering solutions, including plumbing and related appliances, are constantly improving in seven-mile steps. Experience alone is no longer enough for a modern craftsman. In order to be able to implement innovations in the houses being built or renovated, that is, what advanced constructors create, they must be interested in and learn about innovations. Intuition will definitely not be enough. No matter how good the system is, if it is installed badly, it loses all its know-how”, said A. Valatka.

According to D. Jokubauskas, there are many professional construction and home furnishing specialists in Lithuania, but we often underestimate them, and this will be a great opportunity to show our professionalism. A cash prize of 1,000 euros awaits the winner.

Focus on green technologies

During the exhibition, great attention will be paid to the latest technologies in the fields of home furnishing and engineering, and solar power plants.

Green energy, especially solar power plants, becomes a very important part of building or equipping a house. Solar energy is experiencing a golden age both throughout the European Union and in Lithuania. With the drastic increase in electricity and gas prices, residents are no longer considering whether to build a solar power plant on the roof of their house or in a remote park. It is becoming a necessity. Especially since the state continues to actively support the owners of both solar power plants and heat pumps. “When talking to construction companies, we hear that people are interested in this, so this year more than one company will participate in our exhibition, which will advise people and provide more information,” said D. Jokubauskas.

For Lithuanians, as for many residents of northern and eastern Europe, heating is particularly relevant. The exhibition will present the latest heating solutions that replace pollution and less efficient heating methods, such as pellet or solid fuel boilers. These are heat pumps air-water, air-air, still popular geothermal heating, recuperators.

The pandemic did not suppress interest in specialized exhibitions

According to D. Jokubauskas, specialized housing exhibitions are recovering after the 2020-2021 pandemic period. We miss live events, live communication. On the other hand, visitors who come to the exhibition already know what they want, less and less so-called “tourists” come.

However, it will also be interesting for them in the courtyard of the exhibition hall. They will be able to test electric cars, which will have a large selection in the outdoor parking lot.

Entrance to the exhibition is free.

The text was prepared in cooperation with TECE Baltikum.

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