Left to their own devices, the occupiers are begging the Ukrainians for help

It emphasizes that units of the occupying army in the Kherson region were ordered to withdraw troops to the left bank of the Dnieper using small watercraft – motorboats stolen from the surrounding villages.

“Several groups of Russians of up to 10-20 people were recorded near ferry crossings across the Dnieper. These are soldiers refusing to participate in military operations. The leadership decided to take away their uniforms, weapons and let them go “to the will of fate”. Now they are forced to ask the locals for help and are looking for ways to return home,” the statement said.

Ukrainian intelligence notes that the units of the occupiers from Russia, which are still in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region to this day, do not receive either food or drinking water.

“The airborne assault unit of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, located near Kachivka, cannot solve the problem of supplying drinking water and ammunition to the soldiers at the front,” the report states.

It is also noted that the local population refuses to help the enemy soldiers: “Now water and ammunition supplies are replenished exclusively at night by civilian transport stolen from the nearest settlements.”

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