Less selfishness, more love: the attitude towards business gifts is changing in Lithuania

Indrė Zobielienė is the company’s sales promotion and education manager and Raminta Kadūnienė, the manager of GiveLove.

A branded cup, a t-shirt in branded colors, an umbrella with the company’s logo as large as possible so that it cannot be overlooked from afar. It is with such stereotypical images that Lithuanian businesses have identified the field of business gifts for decades. A field in which the recipient of a gift – an employee, client or partner – used to be seen as a “walking vehicle” for the company’s self-promotion and awareness raising. And yet, recently, there has been a growing voice in this sector proposing a change in thinking.

Empathy instead of self-promotion

“GiveLove” is the name used by some of the long-standing leaders in the business gifts and clothing sector this year. Together with the renewed image, the market veterans are determined to present to Lithuanian businesses a new culture of giving in business, the essential principle of which is captured in the very name of the new brand: in the world of business and labor relations filled with corporate coldness, it is not usual to talk about love, but it is the language of love and humanity, as they assure representatives of the company, modern conscious business is the most profitable even from a pragmatic point of view.

“We work with very different types of companies, starting with IT and telecommunications companies, banks, state institutions, and ending with the agricultural sector. And although we see the growing awareness of customers, there are still cases when a business gift is sought for direct self-promotion, and not because of the desire to create a special relationship with the recipient of the gift”, says Raminta Kadūnienė, head of the GiveLove company, emphasizing that in such cases the customer’s attitude is tested to change

“Before Christmas, anyone can put the company’s logo on a generic product. If business gifts are only viewed as a line to be dropped or a problem to be solved, that’s enough. But, to our joy, the expectations of an increasing number of companies are higher”, – notes Indrė Zobielienė, the company’s sales promotion and education manager. According to her, the gift is a rare opportunity to show the true character of the company, creating much deeper relationships with the people around it. As a result, a unique and correct business gift idea is almost always more important than the product itself. And in order for the idea to appear and be realistically implemented, not only experience or good relations with manufacturers is needed, but above all – empathy and understanding of the emotional world of the future recipient of the gift.

It is this way of thinking that helps to create extraordinary gift sets (“Be bright”, “Like a hug”, “We are waiting for you” and many others) and non-standard gift ideas on the most relevant topics, such as environmental protection and sustainability, welcoming a new company employee or even Ukrainian supporting heroes in war.

4 decisive criteria

GiveLove recommends four principles for those making decisions about buying business gifts and business apparel:

1. Unquestionable quality. The fact that a product is of good quality does not mean that it will make a great gift. However, if the quality requirements are overlooked, the money spent on business clothes or gifts will have the opposite effect – damage to the company’s reputation.

2. Functional value. Before making decisions, you just have to ask yourself if the gift will only be beautiful and impressive, or if it will also be useful. We live in an age of excess, when trinkets that just collect dust are not needed by the gift recipient or the planet.

3. Harmony with the “green course”. Product compliance with the latest environmental standards is a self-evident minimum requirement for every responsible business today.

4. Conceptual originality. As the GiveLove team likes to emphasize, a thing without an original idea is like a person without a soul. This does not mean that the customer himself must become a generator of original ideas. That’s why there are business gift and clothing specialists whose mission is not to sell another product, but to help create and implement a unique solution.

Pragmatic altruism

Of course, there is also a fifth inseparable criterion for selecting business gifts and clothes – the need to combine good wishes and dreams with real financial possibilities. However, as experts emphasize, this is the biggest paradox: you can spend huge sums on things that will not change anything, will not be appreciated and will not create a stronger connection with customers or employees. Conversely, cheaper gift alternatives based on an original idea help achieve goals at lower costs.

“The least we all have to do when it comes time to take care of gifts is to think a little more about the other person and a little less about ourselves,” emphasizes GiveLove manager R. Kadūnienė: “Because businesses that give get more “. And conversely, businesses that don’t learn empathy risk ending up on the list of companies whose “logoed” gifts customers won’t put deep in a drawer, or maybe throw in the trash.

For more information on unique corporate gifts and apparel – givelove.lt

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