Lithuanian women’s and men’s 3×3 national teams advanced to the quarterfinals of the European Championship

The European 3×3 basketball championship started in Austria with two Lithuanian national teams.

The championship was successfully opened by the men’s national team in the city of Graz 19:18 after defeating the competitors from Hungary.

There was no lack of intrigue in the match, and Marijus Užupis shot from a distance with a little more than two seconds to play, but the referees decided that the shot was taken after the attack time expired. Having received the ball, the Hungarians organized an effective break, but the shot that could have equalized the result was also made after time expired.

The national team scored 7 points each Darius Tarvydas and Evaldas Džiaugys4 added Marijus Užupis1 – Ignas Razutis. Only two players – Tamas Ivosevs (12) and Attila Demeters (6) – have distinguished themselves in the Hungarian ranks.

Lithuanians in the second match 21:15 beat the hosts of the tournament, the Austrians.

E. Dziaugys added 8 points to the victory, I. Razutis scored 5, D. Tarvydas and M. Užupis – 4 each.

For the opponents, Filip Kramer scored 5 points, Martin Trmal scored 4, Nico Kaltenbruner – 3, Matthias Linortner – 2.

Having won both group stage matches, the Lithuanians advanced to the quarterfinals of the championship, which will take place on Sunday.

The women’s national team successfully started March at the European Championship, which 22:15 defeated the opponents from Cyprus in the first match.

Played the most productively Kamilė Nacickaitėscoring 13 points, Martyna Petrėnaitė added by 4 Gabriele Šulskė – 3, Monika Grigalauskytė – 2.

In the second meeting, Lithuanians 16:21 had to recognize the superiority of neighboring Poles.

For Lithuania, K. Nacickaitė scored 8 points, M. Grigalauskytė scored 4, G. Šulskė – 3, M. Petrėnaitė – 1.

For the rivals, Dominika Fiszer scored 8 points, Klaudia Gertchen and Aldona Morawies – 5 each, Klaudia Sosnowska – 3.

In the quarter-finals, our women’s national team will face the French women.


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