Lithuanians also appreciated the biggest arena of the championship

Group B fights take place in Germany, in the city of Cologne. Along with Lithuanians and Slovenians, hosts, Bosnians, French and Hungarians also play in the group.

This time, the European Championship will be held in five arenas. Group A teams will play in Sakartveli (Tblisi), group C teams will compete in Italy (Milan), and group D matches will be held in the Czech Republic (Prague).

Later, the playoffs will move to Berlin, where the decisive battles of the championship will take place. offers to admire the Lanxess Arena in Cologne before the start of the championship.

The biggest basketball mecca of the tournament

The Lanxess Arena can hold as many as 20,000 people during a basketball game. fans. It is not yet clear how many will be there on Thursday night when the hosts Germany take on the French, but the locals expect almost every seat to be filled.

For comparison, the Tbilisi arena holds up to 10,000 people. fans, Milan’s Mediolanum Forum – 12.7 thousand, Prague (O2 Arena) – 16.5 thousand, Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz – 14.7 thousand.

Although the Lanxess Arena was built in 1998, its appearance is quite modern and comfortable. Although basketball is not the most popular sport in Cologne, it has already seen major basketball events.

In 2020, the final four of the Euroleague took place here. True, fans could not enter it because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The faces of the stars adorn the arena

Although there are not many signboards and advertisements about the European Basketball Championship in the center of Cologne or its districts, as soon as you arrive at the Lanxess Arena, you can feel the true spirit of basketball. The big posters command attention, especially when they feature the biggest stars of this championship.

The face of the leader of the Lithuanian national team, Domantas Sabonis, is also on the giant poster at the entrance of the arena.

True, most of the attention here goes to the Slovenian Luka Dončić, whose image can be seen on almost every arena wall.

Lithuanians also appreciated the arena

The amenities of the “Lanxess” arena were also appreciated by the members of the Lithuanian national team.

“The arena leaves a good impression so far, but in the first days there is still some chaos – a lot of personnel, interference. But we’re getting used to hoops and balls, it’s all easier,” shared the sentiments of national team coach K. Maksvytis.

He was seconded by national team offensive player Rokas Jokubaitis.

“Really impressive arena, still holds 20,000, the space is impressive. It was necessary to get used to the size, the hoops. But for now, everything is very fun”, R. Jokubaitis assured.

There should also be a sea of ​​green and white fans in the Lithuanian match against the Slovenians on Thursday. About 800 fans from Lithuania have preliminarily arrived in Cologne, of course, there will be a similar number of fans of the Slovenian national team, so the atmosphere in the “Lanxess” arena will be hot.

The match between Lithuania and Slovenia will start at 18:00 on Thursday. 15 minutes Follow the events of the match on the portal

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